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Last updated October 14, 2019

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October 14, 2019

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It is every little girl’s dream: having a gorgeous, amazing wedding one day. But by the time little girls grow up, reality has usually set in and they gain an understanding about life that can’t be ignored.

Weddings are a very expensive hassle.

There are ways around the extravagant expense of a traditional wedding. Any money saved on the cost of the wedding can be applied elsewhere, such as on the rings, on the honeymoon or a nice down payment on a home.

City Hall Marriages Can Be Planned

City Hall marriages don’t have to be spur-of-the-moment, impersonal affairs. It can be simple, intimate and beautiful with just a bit of planning.


Exactly what needs to be done to make a City Hall wedding happen will vary from town to town, city to city and state to state. So, be certain to check with your local City Hall, justice of the peace or courthouse to find out exactly what you need to do before you arrive for your wedding.

With a City Hall wedding, you will be limited in the number of people you can have in attendance. Decide which family and/or friends you want there and those you want to see afterward at a reception. Remember that the actual ceremony is for you and your fiancé, so make your guest list the way you want it.


Plan a reception immediately following your nuptials or on a later date after your honeymoon. Have everyone meet at a local restaurant, at the home of a family member or friend or at a local reception hall you’ve rented. You can then celebrate your union with everyone special to you both.


Wear what you want! Whether it’s a traditional wedding gown or your favorite jeans, wear what you’re comfortable wearing. At City Hall, no one will judge.


Schedule a photographer to capture your special ceremony. You’ll then have pictures to share with your family and friends later. 

While there may be a downside to holding your wedding at City Hall, there are quite a few positives. Many of the upsides to holding your wedding at City Hall are highlighted below.

Traditional weddings

With all the bells and whistles weddings are really expensive. If you’d rather drop that cash somewhere else, a City Hall wedding can be creative, romantic, intimate and unforgettable.


Your attending guests will be your inner circle of family and friends. You’ll have time for real conversations, avoiding all the boring chit chat with hordes of distant great aunts and cousins whose names you can’t recall.

Date Availability

You’re more likely to get the wedding date you want at City Hall. Booking a wedding venue for a massive affair means you must work around the bookings of others wanting the same setting. At City Hall, the chances of you getting the actual date you want are much better.

Destination Wedding

If you want a destination wedding, City Hall is the way to go. Most major cities don’t require you to be a resident of the city to get legally married. So, pick your spot, fly out Sunday, get married Wednesday and spend the rest of the week (or two) exploring the city and planning your 50th wedding anniversary return trip.

Forget the Dress

Wear what you want and don’t worry what great-great-Aunt Prudence will say about it (she won’t be there!) Your wedding is about you; wear what you like.

Weddings should not cause a year of stress and anxiety over planning and execution. They should be about love, simplicity, happiness and starting your future together. Keep it simple but elegant at City Hall.

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