When Is the Best Time to Buy Clothes?

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Last updated January 28, 2021

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August 27, 2015

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The only thing I love more than clothes is getting a great deal on clothes. Whether you like to shop or not, we all need to buy clothes throughout the year. So when is the best time to shop for clothes? When it comes to retail and sales, timing is everything.

The day after Christmas, Dec. 26, is the best day of the year to score the deals. The Christmas shopping is over and retailers cut their prices drastically to move the product. If you are able to handle the crowds, major savings will be had.

Thursday evenings tend to score you the best overall deals. Many department stores will start their weekend sale on Thursday. For example, Macy’s will often start its weekend sales on Thursday night. By the hitting the store Thursday night you will beat the crowds and get first dibs on that shirt you’ve been eyeing for the past month that is FINALLY on sale.

Looking to update that winter coat? Wait until after the holiday season. Buying during the months of January and February will prove to save you the most. August and September are the best months to find a swimsuit on sale. Seasonal items are best bought halfway through their given season.

What about items that are year round? When it comes to everyday items, retailers will have sales periodically throughout the year, however January tends to be a slow month for retailers across the board. So retailers will discount items that don’t normally go on sale, such as suits. Certain jeans styles will go on sale as seasons change, however October proves to be the best month overall for deals on those everyday jeans.

So next time you go to purchase that full price item, check your calendar – you may only need to wait a week or two to receive those steep discounts.

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