Money is constantly on our minds, so of course we tend to dream about it from time to time. But what do the dream you are having about money actually mean? Sure, a lot of time, the dreams are just about money, but other times your money dreams could be telling you something completely different. Here are the four most common money dreams and what they could be telling you.

You forgot to pay that bill.

If your dreams involves stressing about money you don’t have, like forgetting to pay a bill or the debt collectors knocking on your door, it could of course mean that you are having money problems. It could also mean that you are stressed out in other parts of your life. Have an important meeting coming up at work? Or did you forget to schedule that doctor’s appointment? Stress in other parts of our lives can often manifest as money stress when it comes to our dreams. If you need help organizing your money issues or want to relieve some money stress, here are some good, easy ways to help get yourself out of debt.

You come into a large sum of money.

We all dream about winning money, right? It’s probably everyone’s favorite dream. However, it might not just be wishful thinking. If you are thinking about winning the lottery or coming into a big chunk of money, it could mean that something else in your life hit the jackpot. Are you in an awesome new relationship? Did you get that promotion at work? If you “won” at something else in your life, you may¬†find yourself dreaming about a big financial windfall as well.

You can’t remember where you put that $100 bill.

This dream can actually be a nightmare. Losing money can be terrifying, and it may not just be a dream. If you are dreaming about losing money, whether it be misplacing it or watching it literally go down the drain, then you may be worried about you everyday finances. People who dream about losing money are often worried that their financial situation may not be as stable as they hope. If you find yourself dreaming about lost money, take a deep look at your finances and make sure any budget leaks are plugged up. Here’s a good article that can help with that.

You find a $20 on the street.

Found money means something different than winning money. Found money is money that you already had but you are just discovering again. Dreaming about found money can mean that you are “rediscovering” another part of your life. If you’ve recently done really well at work or revisited an old hobby or discovered something you didn’t know you were good at, you could be dreaming about found money as way of giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Found money dreams can mean that you are rediscovering your own self-worth.