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Last updated November 17, 2021

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September 23, 2021

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Reader Question: I use Amazon every once in a while and am wondering if I should sign up for Prime. What comes with Amazon Prime?

Answer: You get a lot, depending on what you use Amazon for. If you order packages a lot, have a Kindle or can stream video to your TV or other devices, signing up for Amazon Prime can be a great advantage.

Free Two-Day Delivery

An Amazon Prime membership includes free two-day shipping on most of the site’s inventory. It basically covers any of the items that come from the Amazon warehouse itself. Any items that are being sold by a third party typically don’t include the two-day shipping. But considering how many items are included, the two-day shipping makes the Amazon Prime membership worth it all by itself.

Same-Day Shipping

For some areas and items, the service offers free one-day or same-day shipping. There is no minimum purchase required, orders simply need to be placed before noon to receive them by 9 that day or the next.

Scheduled Deliveries

With Amazon Day, Prime members can pick a specific day to receive all of their orders at once. Most items that offer 2-day shipping can be included as part of this option.

Free Movies and TV Shows

You also get access to more than 40,000 free TV shows and movies included with Amazon Prime. This usually doesn’t include the most recent releases, but it does include a wide library of favorites when it comes to movies and TV shows.

Free eBooks

Each month, Amazon Prime members can access a library of more than 500,000 Kindle titles that they can borrow for free. Are all Kindle titles included? No. You might not be able to get the exact book that you want, but it does include a large selection, so if you aren’t looking for a specific book, it is a good library to have.

Prime Day

Each summer, Prime Day offers can’t-miss deals to it’s millions of members. Shoppers can save big for a limited time on a huge range of products. This sale is so big that it rivals Black Friday, but it is only available to those with a membership.

Amazon Fresh

Thanks to the acquisition of Whole Foods, this service allows users to skip the store. Grocery shopping has never been easier, with this feature, members can enjoy free delivery on orders over $50.

Prime Now

In certain cities, members can have essentials delivered right to their door within two hours. The window for delivery is between 8 am and 10 pm however some areas offer the service as late as 12 pm.

Prime Wardrobe

For those who love to buy clothes, this feature can’t be beat. Users can select up to 8 items for a free at-home try-on, then they can decide what to keep and what to send back within a 7 day period.

Free Trial

The best part is that you can try out Amazon Prime for a 30-day free trial. You basically get all the benefits for 30 days for free. Even if you aren’t sure about the service, it makes sense to at least try it out to see if you would benefit from it. Sign up for an Amazon Prime Free Trial here.

Compared to how much you would spend in delivery costs alone can make up for what you will spend on your yearly Amazon Prime membership. An annual Amazon Prime membership will run you $119/year. The plus side is that it covers everyone in your household, so your wife, husband, kids or even roommates can take advantage of two-day shipping and streaming free video.

You can sign up for Amazon Prime here

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  • Does amazon prime include Netflix?

  • I did not sign up for Amazon Prime, yet that is what this site, Amazon.com claims that I have when I’ve watched two Amazon on demand videos. Please let me know what this means.

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