Want the New iPhone 6? How to Sell Your Old iPhone to Help Pay for It

Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated November 11, 2017

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Apple announced the new iPhone 6, along with the bigger version iPhone 6 Plus. Both come with bigger screens, a longer battery life, faster WiFi and faster processing. If you are looking to trade up to the new iPhone 6 but don’t have the funds to get one, here are a couple ways you can sell your old iPhone and get your hands on the new version.

Amazon is offering great deals for trading in your old iPhone. You can get up to $400 for your iPhone 5s, up to $300 for your iPhone 5 or up to $225 for your iPhone 5c. If you are still holding on to your iPhone 4, you can earn up to $200 for that. The price will depend on the condition of the phone, the color and how many gigabytes it has.

Amazon makes it simple to trade in. You find the type of phone you have among their list of iPhones, click the Trade In button, select the condition of your phone, and Amazon will ship you a box to send your phone in. Shipping is free. Just make sure you disable the Find My iPhone feature before you trade in your phone. All payments are made with Amazon gift cards, which may seem annoying, but considering you can get pretty much anything on Amazon, it can be worth it for the convenience.

Trade in your iPhone on Amazon here

If an Amazon gift card is not your speed, uSell.com will give you cash for your old iPhone. The trade off is that you might not get as much money for your trade in. uSell is currently offering up to $270 for the iPhone 5s, up to $185 for the iPhone 5 and up to $150 for the iPhone 5c. An iPhone 4s will only get you about $100.

uSell also makes trading in your phone simple. Go to their site and click to trade in your iPhone. Pick what type of iPhone you have, which carrier you are with and the condition of your iPhone. uSell will then send you a shipping box to send your iPhone in. Once your iPhone is received, you will get paid within 5 business days, either through PayPal or a check, whichever you choose.

Trade in your iPhone at uSell here

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