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Last updated November 9, 2017

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June 24, 2016

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Planning a fun trip while on a budget can sometimes be difficult, especially when Las Vegas is one of your considerations. From losing money in the casinos to high-priced entertainment and shows, Vegas can certainly eat into your wallet. And that’s not even considering the airfare and hotel rooms!

But don’t consider it a bad bet just yet — traveling to Vegas on a budget is not only possible, it’s also actually pretty easy!

To start with, you’ll need to travel to Vegas and secure your hotel accommodations. Traveling midweek will save you money on both, and while many hotel rooms in Vegas can be on the expensive side, there are plenty of inexpensive hotel rooms in quality hotels to choose from. That’s because Vegas wants to lure you to its city with cheap accommodations, hoping you’ll spend more on gambling, food and other tourist attractions. Hotels are often a place where you can save big in Las Vegas, especially if you consider bidding on your hotel room.

Take advantage of flight and hotel package deals that pop up on travel sites. Red-eye flights are often the cheapest, and hotels that aren’t right on the Strip can be a steal!

Fast food joints abound in Vegas, but if that isn’t your thing, you can find several eateries that are inexpensively priced but still offer good, wholesome meals. Your best bet are the many buffets that can be found offering everything from Italian specialties to seafood and crab legs, to burgers and Mexican cuisine. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s bound to be a cheap buffet serving it!

More expensive eateries offer discounts during certain hours, such as the early dinner and after-dinner hours. Even five-star meals can be had for an average of $50 if you don’t mind eating early or late. And late-night happy hours are where you want to be for low-priced drinks. Just remember to stay away from the special drink menus. These high-priced drinks may taste good and drain easy, but they’ll drain your wallet pretty quick, too. Like to throw a few back? Stock your hotel room with your favorite beverages so you can skip that $15 Bloody Mary. 

If you plan to do any gambling, try to set aside a predetermined amount you are comfortable losing before even starting your trip. Playing the low-limit tables will make your money last longer, and maybe you’ll even get lucky and win big, or at least break even. 

You can sometimes find specific deals on certain shows along with your hotel package. There may also be discounted tickets for early or late shows. Or purchase your show tickets ahead of time via a discounted travel site.

Being realistic about your budget, as well as shopping for all-inclusive packages, can be the best way to travel to Vegas and enjoy everything this exciting city has to offer!

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