For homeowners who are seeking to make the most out of their home renovations, being able to update their kitchen for an affordable price can be a paramount element towards achieving their goals. The common misconception that many homeowners have held is that achieving the best results in a kitchen renovation required them to invest in all of the top of the line appliances or hire the best contractor they can find locally. However, over the past decade, homeowners have begun to focus more on updating their kitchen through more selective appliance choices and even DIY upgrading projects. This can make a kitchen renovation more efficient and easier to maintain within a budget.

Eliminate Luxury Materials

One way to update a kitchen without having to invest too much money into the overall cost is to eliminate the use of luxury materials. It is important to understand that by eliminating luxury materials, it doesn’t automatically mean that the quality of the materials are being sacrificed. Homeowners don’t have to use low-grade materials, but the ideal alternative is to find durable, low-cost materials that will be able to mimic the style or effect they want to achieve. Browsing at local home improvement stores, online stores or sales at Lowe’s may reveal quality materials for lower prices. Another possibility is to consider finding recycled or gently used materials locally which may be available for a discount or even for free.

Opt for Minimal Construction

When there is less construction work involved, there’s less of a reason to hire a contractor. Making kitchen upgrades easier by limiting all changes made to tasks that can be accomplished by the homeowner themselves can be a great way to save money. Instead of making extravagant changes to the kitchen, such as removing a wall or moving plumbing lines, homeowners may want to consider replacing appliances completely or using walls to create storage space areas. Refinishing cabinets instead of replacing them is another great example of how homeowners can completely change the look of their kitchens without having to invest in a contractor to achieve their final result.

DIY Tutorials

For the homeowner who wants to accomplish the entire renovation on his or her own, it can be a wise idea to check out many of the DIY tutorials that are available online. Sites such as can provide a great amount of insight into different looks and styles that can be achieved within a kitchen while providing simple steps and context to make it easy for even beginners to achieve. YouTube also showcases a large amount of video tutorials from experienced homeowners who have achieved similar renovation goals.

Combine Trends with Classic Style

The important aspect to always remember when updating a kitchen is that any selections or changes that are made should not date the kitchen too specifically. This is crucial in case the homeowners ever decide that they want to sell their home in the future. Consider some of the most relevant trends that are occurring in kitchen design and then combine them with some of the more classic, common styles that have been seen in kitchens in previous years. By doing so, the kitchen’s final updated style will be new and trendy without risking falling into a dated category that may cause another renovation prior to sale.

Finalizing Results

Homeowners who are able to use these suggestions in combination with each other should be able to see their visions for their new kitchen decor coming together more visibly as the project progresses. By saving money on the overall renovation of the kitchen itself, it provides homeowners with the opportunity to focus other parts of the budget towards new kitchen appliances or other decor elements which can be included in the final result.