Unemployed? Creative Ways to Make Ends Meet

Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated November 11, 2017

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October 28, 2015

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Today’s economy is a tough one, especially when you are unemployed. Unemployment benefits often aren’t enough to make ends meet for a single person, let alone for a family. However, there are several creative ways to earn an income that you can try instead of just cutting down on unnecessary expenses. The following ideas will help you to not only pay your monthly expenses, but possibly also even save a little until you acquire a new job.

If you’ve got the space to spare and don’t mind sharing your home with someone, you can try renting out a room. Doing so can put a lot of much-needed cash in your pocket to go towards your own rent, utilities, or other bills and expenses. Just make sure you go through the proper channels to legally rent our a room.

Depending on where you live, there may be inexpensive or even free methods of transportation you can use instead of spending money on gas, car maintenance and car insurance each month.

Do you have a closet or garage full of unused and unwanted items just collecting dust? What about a bunch of CDs, books or DVDs you will never listen to, read or watch again? Try selling them on eBay. If they are large items that are too hard to ship, try selling them locally through Craigslist.

Taxi cab alternative Uber and similar companies are side jobs for many, but there’s no reason you can’t make some serious money doing it full-time. So long as you have a good car and a clean driving record, you might be able to start working for Uber fairly quickly.

Are you artistic? Can you make crafts or jewelry? Use your creative skills to sell some of your work on sites such as Etsy or CafePress. If you are good at writing, web design or graphic design, you might try picking up some freelance writing work at websites such as Freelancer.com.

If you have the skills and a good background, you can offer your services as a babysitter, house-sitter or pet-sitter. These gigs may not always pay a high hourly rate, but any extra cash is welcome when you’re unemployed.

Do any of these ideas work for you? Hopefully you can make money from at least one or two of these ideas to help you get through your period of unemployment. Until you do find another job, think of other creative ideas for making ends meet.

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