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Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated December 1, 2020

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March 4, 2019

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Trim Finance is a company that keeps track of your monthly expenses and lays them out in an easy-to-read format in order to help you control your spending. They offer diverse services to help you save money including negotiating for you and identifying and cancelling unwanted monthly subscriptions. But are they the right service for your finances? Check out the full review to see more information about the pros and cons of this service.

Trim Finance Review

Trim Finance Website

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  • Signing Up: Trim Finance has a free sign-up process on its website.
  • Known For: Hassle-free spending control.
  • Price: You only pay if Trim Finance saves you money. You’ll pay 33% of the total money saved.
  • Features: An easy-to-use dashboard tracks monthly spending. Trim also will negotiate bills for you to lower your monthly payments.
  • Customer Service: Customers can get help by contacting Trim through email or phone.

Trim Finance saves people money by negotiating monthly bills down to more reasonable rates. They also offer a service called “Trim Simple Savings,” which requires an additional unspecified fee.

Features: Trim Finance offers a portfolio with monthly spending information for free by connecting with several major banks. Free accounts include a dashboard of spending information, as well as custom warnings when your bank account dips below a certain amount of money. Paid services include negotiation with internet and cable companies to lower your monthly bill, as well as identifying monthly subscriptions and cancelling them if they’re no longer needed. They also offer a service called “Trim Simple Savings,” which is a savings account that accrues an interest of 1.5% annually.

Reputation: Trim Finance has a poor reputation with Better Business Bureau, who has awarded them an ‘F’ rating. Customers complain about money being withdrawn without consent or notice with no proof of money saved. Trim Finance has received nine closed complaints with the BBB in the past year. Across review sites, they have mixed reviews. Some customers appear to love this service, but many have experienced problems. Overall, they have a mediocre rating among customers.

Customer Service: This company offers customer service at any time by email. Their banking is provided through a separate company called Evolve Bank. Customer service for banking can be found by emailing [email protected] In customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau page, customers complain that there is no phone number to call and emailing the company only leads to formulaic responses.

Price: Although the idea to only charge customers if you help them save money is an enticing one, many customers report that they were charged far more than the 33% of money saved Trim advertises. Trim states that they only charge customers for their premium services, such as their negotiations with your cable or internet company. Unfortunately, customers who have used these services complain that Trim isn’t forth-coming about the amount of money saved, and no notice is given before the 33% fee is taken from the customer’s bank account. Trim doesn’t post any of their pricing for additional services, like Trim Simple Save, on their website, and finding information about their pricing can be difficult. The total price of using this service varies from person to person, but they do offer free services, such as a spending dashboard, for all customers with accounts.

Free Features: Trim Finance offers several free features for customers, available upon providing banking information and an email address. These features are designed to make it easier to tell where you’re spending your money and what costs you could cut down on. You will have a dashboard that tracks your monthly spending, as well as a list of monthly subscriptions. This makes it easy to see which subscriptions you don’t use anymore, and cancel them so you don’t have to keep paying the reoccurring monthly fee. Trim Finance can even help you cancel the services that are difficult to unsubscribe from. In addition, your free Trim account allows you to set up spending alerts and reminders. If you have a hard time managing your money, these reminders can help keep your spending goals on track. Trim Finance will also help you fight overdraft fees for free.

Paid Features: Trim Finance offers a service not many other companies boast of- negotiating down your cable or internet bill. On their website, they state that they can lower monthly cable and internet payments by up to 30%, and they claim to only charge if they succeed in saving you money. This can save quite a bit of hassle when fighting over price with your internet provider, and might be worth the 30% of total money saved that Trim Finance charges. Unfortunately, Trim takes the 30% cut yearly, so be sure to save enough money to pay their fee. They also offer a banking service: a savings account that accumulates 1.5% interest with automatic monthly deposits. For an additional fee, they offer personalized financial recommendations for new accounts or investment opportunities. There is no pricing information available for Trim Concierge or Trim Simple Save, but Trim Finance’s website states that all fees will be explained prior to signup.

Trim Finance offers several unique services that other companies don’t. They make it easy to track your spending and cancel unwanted subscriptions for free. Some of their paid services seem to have great potential as well, such as their negotiation services. Unfortunately, in practice their paid services have bad reviews and many complaints to the Better Business Bureau. It might be worth it to check out Trim Finance’s free services, but right now, their paid services seem to have many unresolved issues. If you’re looking for an easy way to consolidate your finances and cancel unused monthly subscriptions, you can find more information about all of their services at their website.

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