Are you a procrastinator? Waiting until 3pm on Christmas Eve to start your holiday shopping? No need to run to your nearest gas station, here is a list of gifts that don’t scream procrastination and won’t break the bank:

1) Give the Gift of Time

A coupon book is a simple and easy idea for anyone in your life, even your child. For example, you can include coupons that read “an extra bedtime story” or “Extra 30 minutes of screen time.” Want to surprise your spouse? How about a coupon book full of little extras, “a night off from cleaning and cooking,” or “breakfast in bed.” These coupons don’t cost a thing, but can easily be the best gift under the tree this year.

2) Give Stocks

Nothing like giving the gift of growth and revenue. Not only is this gift unique, it can be quite personal too, don’t have enough money in the Christmas budget for a brand new iPad? Give an Apple share instead. If someone received an Apple share 5 years ago for Christmas they would have more than tripled their money today. Read more about the benefits of gifting stock and how to do so here.

3) Gift Cards

This one may be the obvious, but everyone loves a gift card to their favorite store or website. No need to plan ahead with this gift, you can easily purchase a gift card online and have it in someones inbox by Christmas morning.

4) Amazon’s Same Day Delivery

Amazon offers same day express delivery in some areas, including Christmas Eve day (yes you read that correctly, same day delivery).  No need to rush out to the mall and battle the crowds simply click buy and enjoy some eggnog while waiting for your gifts to arrive.

5) Event Tickets

If you are a die-hard sports fan, there is nothing better than opening up a pair of tickets to a game. This is also a great option for any other event as well, concerts, plays, the ballet. Event tickets a little out of your league, grab a pair of movie passes and wrap them up with concession type candy.

6) Take advantage of Flash Sale Deal Sites

Flash deal sites are a great way to not only save money but also purchase last-minute services or gift certificates. Sites such as Groupon, LivingSocial, and Gilt City all offer deeply discounted services including spa days, entertainment packages, and restaurant deals.

7) Give the Gift of Travel

The only thing better than a vacation is a vacation that has been planned for you. If a full-fledged vacation isn’t within your means, book a weekend or night away.

There is no need to just throw some cash in a card this Christmas, thoughtful gifts can be affordable, fast, and easy.