June 29, 2018
By Mary Beth Eastman

The Top 3 Things To Do To Boost Your Credit Score Today

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If you’re about to make a major purchase, such as buying a new car or house, then you need the highest credit score that you can possibly get. After all, most people have to borrow money to afford items that cost thousands of dollars.

By improving your credit score, you may qualify for a lower interest rate on your loan or mortgage. Start with these top three things that you can do to boost your credit score today. Even if you only lower your interest rate by a couple percentage points, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Ideally, you should keep your debt-to-credit ratio at 20 percent or lower. If you have a line of credit that gives you access to $10,000, then you shouldn’t use more than $2,000 of that credit.

The higher your debt-to-credit ratio gets, the lower your credit score will fall. Focus on repaying your high-interest credit card debt so you can improve your credit score and lower the amount of money that you spend on interest.

Unfortunately, about one in five people find inaccurate data on their credit reports. Inaccurate information about late payments and debt can make it impossible for you to achieve the credit score you want.

To remove inaccurate information, you need to contact all three of the credit bureaus. First, you’ll need to get copies of your report. Look over them carefully for any mistakes. If you find a mistake, report it to the credit bureau with evidence that supports your position.

In some cases, consumers find it very difficult to change their credit reports. If the credit bureaus give you resistance, then you may need to take a more aggressive stance by hiring a credit repair service. Read our reviews of the best credit repair companies to see what service might fit your needs.

Lenders typically give lower interest rates to borrowers who pay their bills on time. If you have past-due bills, then the bank, credit union or another type of lender has to worry that you won’t repay your loan installments.

Pay all of your past-due bills as soon as you can. That includes everything from utility bills to fines at your local library. Even if the bill seems like an insignificant amount of money, you need to pay it immediately.

Really, you probably can’t improve your credit score in one day. The choices that you make today, however, will help move your credit score in the right direction. Don’t wait until the last minute. Follow these tips today and watch your credit score improve over the next several weeks and months.

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