Throwing a Baby Shower on a Budget

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Last updated December 11, 2020

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October 23, 2015

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Many baby showers come with huge price tags. Hosts often spend hundreds of dollars, maybe even more than a thousand, on this type of party. However, throwing a baby shower on a smaller budget doesn’t cheapen the experience, and everyone still has fun. The following tips offer a few ideas for savings on food, drink, presents and more.

For a classy party, choose one or two unifying colors that the mother-to-be loves, and then hit Dollar Tree to buy decorations in these colors. Without this unification, your dollar store decor might come across as jumbled. Alternatively, if your timing is right, you could buy items related to upcoming or just-passed holidays. For instance, Easter is a great holiday to find cute bunny-themed goods, and decorations for occasions such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day are full of possibilities.

Hold the shower at a time when you don’t need to serve a meal, and make the food yourself. Stick with your theme when it makes sense. If you’ve picked green and yellow colors, serve cupcakes frosted in these colors, and set out trays with veggies and fruits. With a bunny-themed shower, think carrot cake, carrots, celery and cotton candy. An elegantly arranged fruit salad always looks great, no matter the theme. As for drinks, serve your drinks of choice in pitchers, spruce up water with lemons, cucumbers or oranges. 

Cookies and other homemade favors tend to be the most budget-friendly. However, seeds, which you can buy inexpensively, also make great baby shower favors. Stickers, magnets and chocolate coins are other good ideas. You don’t want your attendees going broke on their gifts either. Encourage the mother-to-be to register for presents that encompass many price ranges. Urge guests to bring inexpensive necessities such as baby wash and diapers, or ask them to pitch in for large gifts such as a stroller. Focus on recycling, and request guests bring gently used items that their kids no longer need. When purchasing a gift, make sure you peruse the registry early, that way you can set a price alert, or wait for a sale on baby items.

When you’re on a budget, a baby shower at a restaurant or party venue likely isn’t possible. Hold the shower at home, in your back yard or at a public park. One advantage to the park idea — guests can bring their kids. Do have a backup plan for bad weather, though, and check if you need a permit. 

One of the easiest ways to keep the cost down when it comes to showers, is to ask for help. See if anyone wants to co-host with you, or ask close friends to bring a dish or drink to add to the mix. That way it’s a group effort, and the cost doesn’t fall all on you.

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