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December 8, 2020

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Our The Credit People review: The Credit People is one of the most versatile credit repair companies out there. It not only offers a monthly service that can be cancelled at any time, but also a discounted 6-month option, that can help you fix your credit in one fell swoop. We took a look at the nuts and bolts of the service and here is what we found.

The 7 Best Credit Repair Companies

RankCredit Repair ServiceBest ForMonthly FeeExpert Rating
1Lexington Law Credit RepairOverall Service$89.95★★★★★
2CreditRepair.comExtra Features$99.95★★★★★
3Sky Blue Credit RepairAffordability$79★★★★★
4The Credit Pros Comprehensive Services$69★★★★
5Credit SaintTransparency$79.99★★★★
6The Credit PeopleTrial Run$79★★★★
7Pyramid Credit RepairNo Initial Fee$99★★★

The Credit People Review

The Credit People website

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  • Free Consultation: Call The Credit People at (640) 224-0992 or sign up on the website here.
  • Known for: 7-day trial. The Credit People is one of the only credit repair companies that offers a trial so you can try out the service before committing. The trial is $19 for 7 days of service.
  • Price: A good option that the The Credit People offers is a seven-day trial for only $19, so you can try it out before you buy. The monthly cost is $79.
  • Features: The Credit People is much like SkyBlue in that they only offer straightforward credit repair services, including fixing mistakes on your credit report, sending good faith letters to your lenders and looking for legal loopholes to get your credit score back to where it should be.
  • Cancellation: If you go with the lump-sum option, you can still cancel at any time if you are dissatisfied, or go with the month-to-month option which also allows you to cancel at any time.
  • Reputation: Reviews are mixed on The Credit People. It has several reviews on the BBB website, which average out to about an A- rating. Some online reviews rave about the services, some were disappointed, but everyone agrees that the money-back guarantee is a great perk.
  • Guarantee: The Credit People has a 100 percent money back guarantee if at any point during the six months you are not satisfied.
  • Customer service: There is limited customer service, with phone hours only between 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and only email customer service offered otherwise, but The Credit People will get back to you within 24 hours.

The Credit People offers a more streamlined approach to credit repair, which allows them to offer their credit repair services at a lower price than most other credit repair services. Here is a breakdown of how the compare to other credit repair companies:

Price: The Credit People offer one of the lowest prices when it comes to credit repair, as well as a choice of how you want to pay. The most common pricing for credit repair services is a monthly fee; The Credit People’s monthly fee is $79 per month, compared to Lexington Law, which charges $89.95 per month, or, which charges $99.95 per month. The only other credit repair company that comes close in price to The Credit People is SkyBlue Credit Repair at $79 per month. Credit Saint is also offering a discounted credit repair service at $79.99 per month. To learn more about that, check out our Credit Saint reviews.

The Credit People also offers a 7-day trial for $19 to try out their services before you commit, which is a great feature.

Services: The Credit People generally offer the basics of credit repair without any of the extra bells and whistles that larger firms like Lexington Law offer. However, if all you want is your credit repaired, the basics is really all you need. The Credit People reviews your credit report and then uses all the tools at its disposal to remove negative items from your report, such as fixing errors on your credit report, negotiating with your lenders to have negative items removed from your credit report, and using legal loopholes within credit reporting rules to have negative items removed. Larger credit repair companies like Lexington Law and offer all of that, but they also offer extras like credit repair monitoring, identity theft protection, mobile apps, etc. If you are just looking for simple credit repair, The Credit People is your best bet.

Experience: The Credit People have been in the credit repair game since 2001, which gives them a leg up on many of the other, newer credit repair companies. With over 15 years of experience, they are one of the top names in credit repair.

Guarantee: There are no guarantees when it comes to credit repair, since every person’s credit report is different. BUT, the best companies do offer a satisfaction guarantee to make sure you are truly satisfied with the service. The Credit People offer an Ultimate Guarantee, which says that you never have to pay for work upfront and you can cancel anytime, and if you aren’t satisfied with the work, you don’t have to pay for that month. The only guarantee that is better is SkyBlue’s, which is a 90-day full-money back guarantee if you are not satisfied in any way.

Customer Service: The great thing about smaller credit repair services like The Credit People is that they generally have a more personal experience when it comes to customer services. Some of the bigger firms like Lexington Law and often have automated messages or scripts that the customer service representatives must follow, making it a less personal experience. If you are looking for a personal touch, it would be smart to opt for a smaller firm like The Credit People.

Keep in mind that credit repair companies like The Credit People do track your credit reports, but most do not offer actual identity theft protection. (Only Lexington Law and offer ID theft protection.) If you need identity theft protection in addition to credit repair, check out our Lifelock review or our Lifelock vs. Experian comparison to review the sites side by side.

Yes, The Credit People offer a couple of great promotions. First, if you just want to try out the service, you can sign up for 7 days of service for just $19. If you aren’t satisfied, you can just cancel. The best promotion from the The Credit People is their Ultimate Guarantee, which says that you never pay for work ahead of time and if you are not satisfied with the work during any month, you can cancel and don’t have to pay for any work during that month.

The tricky thing about credit reporting is that every report is different because every person is different. That makes it harder to really predict in any clear way how successful credit repair will be from person to person. If you have a lot of errors on your credit report, have been paying your bills on time and are eligible for some of the credit reporting loopholes, you could see a major jump in your credit score. If you have terrible credit history and your lenders are not willing to negotiate, you may have a lot more difficult time raising your credit score. In general, the top credit repair services like The Credit People have the know-how to accomplish as much as possible with what they are given, and you should see at least a little bump in your score, but there are no guarantees when it comes to credit repair.

In general, The Credit People is one of the top credit repair services, with an affordable price, years of experience and great customer service to back it up. Bigger firms like Lexington Law are usually dealing with so many people, it’s easy for you to get lost in the shuffle. If you are looking for personal service from a dependable company, check out The Credit People reviews.

Cost: The Credit People is a lot cheaper than Lexington Law when it comes to credit repair. The Credit People only charge $79 a month with a $19 initial fee. In comparison, Lexington Law charges an initial fee of $99.95, and its cheapest service is $99.95 a month, which provides the same basic services that The Credit People offers.

Credit Repair: The Credit People only offers one tier of credit repair, which is the basics of credit repair that most services offer, including fixing mistakes on your credit report, negotiating with lenders and using credit laws to have negative items removed. Lexington Law has three tiers; the first one offers the same basics that The Credit People offers, while the more expensive options offer things like monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

Client Relations: Since The Credit People is a smaller company, they offer a more intimate customer service experience than Lexington Law does. although with the more expensive Lexington Law plans, you do get a dedicated agent that helps you personally with your credit repair.

Results: The issue with credit repair is that every person’s credit report is different, and therefore, every person will have different results when using credit repair. That being said, there are certain criteria you can look for in a credit repair company that can tell you how reliable it is. The Credit People generally has good online rating from customers, which means that it has been successful with at least some of its credit repair clients. Lexington Law has been around for decades, which points to the fact that it has a lot of experience with credit repair and has been successful in helping at least some people fix their credit scores.

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