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April 19, 2018
By Mary Beth Eastman

Sweet, Low-Cost Ways to Pamper Your Mama This Mother’s Day

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Mama deserves only the best, so you would buy her the moon if you could. Unfortunately, the moon, or its retail equivalent, costs more than you can afford. It’s true that Mother’s Day can present a challenge for those with limited funds. Luckily, with a little effort and creativity, you can make your mother feel special without using much cash.

Your mother will have a great day if only a few things are true: she doesn’t have to cook and she can see her children and grandchildren. Make some sandwiches, take some folding chairs, and hit a local park. Mothers want time with their family members. Give her time and attention, and she’ll be happy. (If it rains, spread out the picnic on the family room floor.)

Your mother has the family albums in order, but she may not have digital copies. Be stealthy and borrow her albums. Then, scan them into your computer. Create an online album for her to enjoy. She can feel secure that her collection is safely backed up, and she will enjoy posting individual photos on social media and emailing some to her friends and relatives. All it will cost you is time.

A professional spa day may be out of your financial reach, but you can offer your own services to your mother. Offer to color her hair, do her nails, and give her a facial. Don’t experiment on her. Stick to those processes that you do for yourself. This gift is especially sweet since you will be in close proximity to your mother for hours. Consider it a bonding experience for you both. Again, quality time with you is what your mother wants most. Once the beautification day is over, take some photos to commemorate the occasion.

Sure, your mother may ooh and aah over huge flower arrangements or fancy dinners, but in her heart of hearts, she wants her family close to her. Plus, planning and executing these ideas requires thought and effort. Moms are impressed by your involvement more than your money. This Mother’s Day, she’ll be happy, and you’ll be satisfied knowing you did right by your mama.

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