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Written By Scott Kessman
Last updated November 17, 2021

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November 17, 2021

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An increasing number of Americans are growing more eco-conscious. As a result, they are seeking sustainable options to help protect and revive the natural earth. In life, there are many things you can do to maintain a green lifestyle. But what about after death? With Better Place Forests, you can still make an impact with a green burial.

A green burial is a sustainable burial alternative to traditional burials and cremations. They are also referred to as eco burials. That’s because green burials are a way of performing a burial that doesn’t leave behind toxic chemicals or materials that aren’t biodegradable.

Everything from embalming fluid to the caskets and even fake flowers can be harmful to the environment. There are several types of green burials to choose from. They are all designed to eliminate the environmental problems caused by traditional burials.

In addition to the positive impact on the environment, green burials are typically less expensive and more simplified. Many of them can be performed in a more natural setting other than a cemetery. Additionally, many caskets use a large amount of steel and wood that are considered resource-intensive. Choosing a green burial also helps conserve these metal and wood resources.

Making the Choice

Choosing a green burial over a traditional burial also gives you a better sense of control over your own body. It is a way to be returned to nature in a spiritual sense. As opposed to being embalmed with toxic chemicals.

The natural resting places provided by Better Place Forests only enhance the back-to-nature elements of green burials.

Founded by Sandy Gibson, Better Place Forests envisions a natural forest setting where families can visit loved ones in a more beautiful place. The company first created a space in Northern California where loved ones can be laid to rest. There are no tombstones, caskets, or other trappings of a modern cemetery. Instead, there are beautiful trees to walk amongst, each marked with a number indicating the resting place of the deceased.

These sustainable burial areas are beneficial for the environment and more peaceful for visitors. It’s no wonder that over 50% of Americans are considering a green burial.  Even beloved pets are getting their own green burials.

Costs for the different types of green burials can vary widely, based on the kind of burial and from company to company. Better Place Forests offers several different types of trees. They also have memorial forests located in many parts of the United States. Currently, there are nine different forests. The tenth will open in 2022. This range of locations enables individuals to pick both the tree they prefer and the ideal resting place.

Prices Vary

Depending on the chosen tree, location, and other factors, the cost can range from $5,900 to just over $23,000. The prices also include from 50 to 1,600 impact trees being planted with the non-profit One Tree Planted. This initiative helps to reforest America, further helping to improve the environment. And, the costs are thousands less than a traditional burial option.

Each green burial by Better Place Forests includes a comprehensive memorial plan and ceremony. The addition of the planting of impact trees also grants you peace of mind in knowing that you’re helping to preserve the planet.

Your loved ones will be able to visit your memorial, as well as spend time walking along the walking trails. There is also a well-designed visitor’s center with parking, restrooms, and water at each memorial forest.

Local Experts

Local experts help to carefully choose the location of each memorial forest. Better Place Forests also engages with land trusts for conservation easements. And works to establish stewardship endowments. This is dedicated to the ongoing maintenance of the forest. This ensures your loved one’s memorial will permanently reside in a serene, protected forest.

Green burials, such as the ones provided by Better Place Forests, aid in forest conservation. They also enable individuals to reduce their carbon footprint even after passing. What was once considered a green trend is now so much more. The memorial forests can serve as a viable and eco-friendly burial alternative to your family and friends, regardless of their religious affiliation or beliefs. It’s not only a great option for those who wish to protect the environment, but also for those who just always felt close to nature.

To learn more about green burials with Better Place Forests, the process, and where you can be buried, visit their website today. You can also schedule an online tour of one of their memorial forests.

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