Why You Should Start All Your Holiday Shopping Right Now, in the Summer

Written By Mary Beth Eastman
Last updated January 27, 2021

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May 30, 2018

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The weather has finally turned and you’re ready to spend some quality time in the sun. The last thing you may want to consider is the frigid holiday season, especially when it’s months away. But doing your holiday shopping now can save you big on your budget, while giving you the flexibility to do the season right.

By shopping during the summer, you beat holiday traffic — and avoid those high prices. You may want to get that special item that’s just released in the lead up to December, but most of your chosen gifts are available year-round. Summer is the time to stock up for last-minute gift giving for unexpected party invites and those items that you know you’ll be passing around come the end of the year.

You may have had that experience of shopping at the last minute and sticking the whole bill on your credit card. The summer is long, which means you can shop a bit at a time and use real money. No January hangover with fees and interest charges. Even if you use credit during the hot months, smaller charges mean you may not be tempted to carry a balance.

Retailer loyalty programs often have blackout periods or restrictions that stop you from cashing in during the peak holiday shopping season. There are no such barriers during the summer, which means you can get free items to give away as gifts. Your reward points can also help you stock up on items you use at home during the holidays, such as baking ingredients and extra toiletries for guests.

Some companies put out their holiday displays during the summer. This may strike fear in the hearts of those who don’t like to think ahead to those winter months, but it means you have time to consider how you want to outfit your home in December. It also gives you the opportunity to purchase winter decor at a discount, when you are not pressured by the time crunch in the lead up to celebration time.

By shopping in the summer, you get one important benefit: time. You can purchase items and return them without the hassle of holiday lines. You won’t be stuck with a massive credit card bill you have to spend months paying off. You can start January with a clean slate, while still enjoying all the joys of the season.

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