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March 1, 2018
By Mary Beth Eastman

Does Staging Your Home Pay Off?

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Many residential real estate experts recommend staging your home before you put it on the market. Staging your home means that you use easy, affordable techniques like painting walls and upgrading fixtures to make the property more appealing to potential home buyers.

If you’re about to put your home on the market, you may wonder whether staging your home really pays off. In most cases, you should stage your home because it can help the property sell more quickly at a higher price.

Staging has the simple goal of making your home more appealing to potential buyers. When you decorate your house with attractive furniture, artwork, lighting, plants and other decorative elements, it helps buyers see the beauty in your property.

Without staging, you make it difficult for people to imagine living in the home. When they see blank walls and empty floors, they don’t feel an emotional charge that encourages them to buy.

Good staging could help increase your home’s perceived value, which makes buyers agreeable to spending more money. A fresh coat of premium paint costs less than $40 per gallon. Potted plants often cost just a few dollars.

Even if you decide to spend more money on new furniture, you can still come out ahead because you get to keep the furniture that you use to improve your property.

Staging may only increase your home’s value by a small amount, but it’s still worth the investment. After all, the supplies you need don’t cost much money. These home improvements won’t cost much, either.

Not all real estate agents believe that staging will raise your home’s perceived value. Nearly all of them, however, say that staging can help your home sell more quickly.

Depending on your position, selling your house quickly may matter just as much as selling it for a higher price. By selling your home sooner, you can:

Staging takes a little money, time and effort, but the opportunity to sell your home faster at a higher price makes the investment worthwhile.

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