Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

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Last updated December 20, 2022

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sky blue review
December 20, 2022

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Sky Blue Credit Repair is the most affordable and reliable credit repair option that we looked at, and it may be the best option for many people looking for a credit repair service. Sky Blue has streamlined its credit repair service so that it offers only credit repair and doesn’t include extras that raise the price like other credit repair services, such as competitor Lexington Law or Here is our full Sky Blue Credit Repair review.

The 7 Best Credit Repair Companies

RankCredit Repair ServiceBest ForMonthly FeeExpert Rating
1Lexington Law Credit RepairOverall Service$89.95★★★★★
2CreditRepair.comExtra Features$99.95★★★★★
3Sky Blue Credit RepairAffordability$79★★★★★
4The Credit Pros Comprehensive Services$69★★★★
5Credit SaintTransparency$79.99★★★★
6The Credit PeopleTrial Run$79★★★★
7Pyramid Credit RepairNo Initial Fee$99★★★

Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

Sky Blue website

Sky Blue Credit Repair Review image
  • Free Consultation: It can be easier to call Sky Blue Credit Repair at (888) 534-1510 so they can help, or you can sign up on the website here.
  • Known for: Bang for your buck. They are one of the least expensive credit repair companies that also produces positive results and offers 5-star customer service.
  • Price: Sky Blue has one of the lowest prices among credit repair services. The initial fee is $79, and then it is only $79 per month after that.
  • Features: Sky Blue Credit Repair is one of the best services, but it doesn’t have all the fancy bells and whistles that the other services have. They do give you straightforward credit repair services, including fixing mistakes on your credit report, sending good faith letters to your lenders and looking for legal loopholes to get your credit score back to where it should be.
  • Pause Your Service: The coolest feature they provide is the ability to pause your services if you need to take a break or can’t afford a month.
  • Cancellation: Sky Blue offers services on a month-to-month basis, allowing you to cancel whenever you may need to.
  • Reputation: Sky Blue is considered one of the top credit repair services, with top ranking across review sites. The service is transparent in what they offer and has 20 years of experience in the industry.
  • Guarantee: Sky Blue review.
  • Customer service: Users often reach out to say how helpful and nice Sky Blue’s customer service is, which is unusual for a credit repair service.

Sky Blue is hands-down the best credit repair service for those who are in need of credit repair. The company focuses on only credit repair, which keeps its prices low. If you are in need of credit repair, chances are you don’t have the extra money to be paying for good, quality credit repair, which is exactly what Sky Blue offers. The combination of quality credit repair and an affordable price is exactly what those seeking credit repair need.


Sky Blue charges a $79 setup fee and $79/month after that.


Sky Blue offers the basics of credit repair. Leaving out the fancy extras like credit report monitoring or identity theft, helps it keep the price low. It knows what they are good at — credit repair — and they stick with it. What they will do is make sure to pursue every avenue at their disposal to fix your credit. This includes fixing mistakes on your credit reports and in your credit history, negotiating with your credit lenders, and using legal loopholes to get derogatory items on your credit report removed by the credit bureaus. Sky Blue will dispute up to 15 items on your credit reports each month. If you like Sky Blue’s price but are looking for more options when it comes to credit repair, check out our Credit Saint reviews to see the other options the company has to offer.


Sky Blue is one of the only credit repair services that offers a full 90-day guarantee. No matter what the reason, Sky Blue will refund your money. You can check out Sky Blue Credit Repair here or call (888) 534-1510 to talk to a live person. (Reader tip: Call between 9-5 M-F EST.)

The process to repair your credit is fairly simple. The sign-up process is pretty straightforward: You fill out an application, which asks what you are looking for, some personal information and also some financial information to get the ball rolling. After you have paid the initial fee, Sky Blue will give you instructions on how to obtain your 3 credit bureaus report. When they have the credit reports, an agent will reach out and go over them line by line with you to pick out areas that they think can be improved.

How the Repair Works

Once you and the agent decide on the areas to focus on, Sky Blue will get to work fixing you credit. They can negotiate with your lenders or dispute up to 15 items per month on your report in your credit history or any of the other legal tools it has in its toolbox to get those negative items removed. The dispute process for fixing your credit will be repeated each month until you are satisfied that all the items that can be removed have either been removed or have been attempted to be removed.

In addition, Sky Blue will send you information on how to optimize your FICO score on your own as well as tips on how to rebuild your credit naturally. The tips include how to utilize credit in a smart and productive way to raise your credit score. It also offers a money back guarantee, which is a nice feature. If you are not satisfied with their service for any reason, they will refund your money.

If you are not satisfied within 90 days of signing up, Sky Blue will refund your money with no questions asked.

Credit repair doesn’t always have the best reputation because there are a lot of scam services in the credit repair field. The trick is figuring out which companies are scams and which are legit for raising your credit score.

Credit Repair Organization Act

According to the government’s Credit Repair Organization Act[1], there are rules that every credit repair agency has to follow in order to be legit. If your credit repair company doesn’t follow any of these rules when they repair your credit, it may be a scam:

  • Credit repair agencies cannot ask for payment upfront without completing the work first[2]. (This does not apply to initial payments to begin the work.)
  • All contracts between you and the credit repair agency must be in writing. If anything is not in writing, don’t believe it.
  • All credit repair agencies need to have an easy cancellation policy. Most legit credit repair agencies have month-to-month contracts because of this rule, so you can cancel any time.

Sky Blue adheres to all of these rules, which means it is a legit credit repair company. It also has been in the credit repair space for almost 30 years, making it one of the most established agency in the industry.

Going by the Sky Blue credit repair reviews, Sky Blue is broadly considered one of the best credit repair services out there. In the majority of online reviews for credit repair services, Sky Blue ranks in either the #1 or #2 position.

Customer Sky Blue reviews paint a similar picture. Of the sites that offer user reviews, most users leaving Sky Blue reviews gave either 4 or 5 stars and had generally great things to say about the service. Even people who were not completely satisfied had kind words for other parts of the company, like its customer service.

Professional Reviews

On the Better Business Bureau website, Sky Blue has accumulated 39 positive reviews and only 2 complaints[3]. Those complaints were actually resolved and the users were given a full refund on what they spent on the services, making any work they had done for them free in the end.

Such positive user reviews as the Sky Blue reviews are generally unheard of in the credit repair industry. Many people go into credit repair expecting a specific result, but that’s not how credit repair works. Some items can’t be removed. Some items in the dispute process are proved true. No legitimate credit repair agency offers any guarantees of results. Generally, this means customers get frustrated and take it out on the companies with negative online reviews. For a service to have so few negative reviews, as with the Sky Blue reviews, speaks volumes to how the business treats its customers.

The one thing that is hard to measure when reviewing a company is how customers are treated by the company’s customer service. There may be a couple of Yelp reviews or a complaint on the BBB site, but nothing very conclusive on what customers think.

Overall Reviews

Sky Blue luckily has a plethora of glowing reviews about its customer service. From sites like Credit Karma to Consumer Affairs, users rave about its customer service. One reviewer said that they told him at the start that credit repair wasn’t a good fit for his situation, and refunded him the initial payment without him asking.

Another reviewer talked about how Sky Blue wasn’t able to do much to help his FICO score over 3 months, which was disappointing, but he went out of his way to compliment its customer service even though he wasn’t happy with the results. Of course, there are many positive reviews from people who were helped, but these reviews from people who weren’t helped but still had good things to say speaks to the value of Sky Blue’s customer service.

There are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before deciding if Sky Blue is right for you:

  • How much money do I have to spend?
  • Do I need extras like credit report monitoring or identity theft?
  • Is personal attention more important to me than having a larger company handle my account?
  • What am I hoping to get out of this service?

These questions speak to the strengths of Sky Blue.

How much money do I have to spend?

First, how much money are you willing to spend. If you are in need of credit repair, money is probably pretty tight. This is where Sky Blue’s affordable price for both setup fee and monthly fee can be a strong selling point for the service, especially with the value that you get for such a low cost. Plus, with the 90-day guarantee, they will refund your money if you aren’t satisfied.

Do I need extras like credit report monitoring or identity theft?

Second, if you do have a little more money to spend and you want added features like the ability to monitor your credit report every month or identity theft protection services, then Sky Blue is not the credit repair service for you. You can try services like Lexington Law or, which both offer those extra services at an extra price.

Is personal attention more important to me?

Third, Sky Blue is a smaller company and is known for its personal touch and line by line scrutiny when it comes to credit repair and customer service. It will dispute up to 15 items per month, which is more than some other top credit repair companies. It is a smaller company, which allows for that personal touch, but being a smaller company can sometimes make people think it is not as successful or powerful. If you are looking for a larger company that has a large team to work on your account, Sky Blue is probably not the best choice for you.

What am I hoping to get out of this service?

Fourth, if you just looking to improve your credit score or fix issues on your credit report, Sky Blue is the perfect company and the best one for you. That is the company’s bread and butter. Its straightforward approach to credit repair is why it is a popular choice among consumers.

When first looking into credit repair, many people are unsure if paying for credit repair is worth it, and that is a question that is always good to ask. Using a credit repair service can be costly, especially if you have many issues with your credit report. Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about using a credit repair service.

Do you have room for improvement?

People who have multiple issues with their credit report may have a better chance of raising their FICO score, since there are more items that can be fixed. It also depends on how much of an improvement you are looking for. Go through you credit report line by line to see if there is room for improvement. Credit repair companies can only use the dispute process a few items a month without being reprimanded by a credit bureau, so if you want a lot of items fixed, it can take a while, which can also cost more money.

On the flip side, if you only have a few items to remove, you won’t have to use a credit repair service for very long, so you would spend less money on the service.

Are you ok spending money for little improvement?

There is no guarantee when it comes to credit repair. Improvement to your credit are determined by the credit bureaus, not credit repair companies, and there’s always a chance that the bureaus won’t approve many changes to your report. Going into the credit repair process, you need to be aware that you may be spending money for just a little bit of improvement to your credit score. If you don’t have the money to spend, you can also do some credit repair improvements yourself[4].

Do you have the time to wait out a credit report improvement?

Again, credit repair agencies can only report a few items each month without getting in trouble, so the credit repair process can take a while. Since each service charges a monthly fee, you could be paying the credit repair service for an extended period of time, which can add up. Know how much you are willing to spend before you sign up for a credit repair service, and stick to that budget, no matter how much or little the credit repair service is able to accomplish.

A better credit score can do wonders in improving the terms of credit cards or loans you want to take out, which is why many people try to fix their credit before applying for loans or cards. Some of those better terms for loans and other lines of credit include lower interest rates, higher borrowing limits and generous reward offers. However, if you have a really bad FICO score, you might not be eligible for any loans or credit cards. Whether you decide to go with a company such as Sky Blue may depend on your goals in terms of obtaining loans or other lines of credit.

Repairing Your Credit Yourself

The thing is, it is possible to attempt fixing your credit score on your own, where you obtain your credit reports and then directly contact lenders and bureaus in the way a credit repair service would do it for you. But if the stakes are high or you’re on a deadline, such as with qualifying for loans, it is always a wise decision to let the professionals determine what things on your credit report to contest, and to let them work through the process.

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  • I paid off all my derogatory debt on my credit and I am trying to get it removed from my credit score all at the same time so I can boost my credit. We are trying to get in this house before July 15th 2017. Help!!!

    • Hi. A service like Sky Blue Credit Repair may be able to help you, but only in certain cases. If the debt was legitimate, it can take 7 years for it to come off your credit report. Credit repair service can negotiate with your lenders to try and get it removed now, especially if you have paid everything, but there is no guarantee. There are other legal ways for Sky Blue get items removed, but the take away here is there are no guarantees, so sign up with that in mind.

  • I have been paying one of my daughter’s student loans since 2007. During that time in 2013, I was late about 6 times. My card expired and by the time I was notified I was behind. The loan has never been late since and that was 4 years ago.My daughter is now applying for a mortgage. The mortgage co. told her, her credit score was 675. This means she will pay about $300 more a month for a mortgage. She has never been late on any of her other loans that she pays. What can I do to help?

    • It sounds like you need a solution sooner rather than later. You can contact the loan company directly and ask them to remove those negative marks on your daughter’s report based on what happened and your current record of paying. Some lenders are more forgiving than others. If you have more time, you can sign up for a credit repair company and have them do the negotiating as well as find other ways to raise your daughter’s score.

  • I have a lot of charge offs that were paid off, duplicates, over seven years old and are keep reporting as they are resent. Can these be removed

  • How long does this take?
    I need to see if I can raise my credit in a reasonably short amount of time.

  • My wages are being garnished is there anything else I can do to repair my credit?

  • I need to raise my credit score above 700 to start business line of credit. However. I have items on my credit report that need to take care of to make it works.

  • can you remove my collections in my credit report?

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