Six Fitness Side Hustles for Fun and Profit

Written By Keely Brown
Last updated May 28, 2021

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May 28, 2021

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In today’s fast-growing gig culture, the fitness industry offers a great way to make money. Fitness revenues in the US are worth almost $35 billion ($96.7 billion globally). With numbers like these, the industry continues to outpace other businesses. And in recent years, video streaming has boosted this success.

Online streaming platforms provide lots of fitness side hustles for trainers and consultants. And today, many content creators are achieving mega-success through these popular platforms.

Here’s how some of the internet’s top fitness side hustles can benefit your bank account.

With 2.5 million+ members, Beachbody is one of the nation’s fastest-growing online fitness companies. Offering more than 1,500 video workouts, it provides an at-home substitute for expensive gym memberships. Beachbody also offers nutrition plans, coaching, recipes, and wellness products.

Beachbody Fee

For a small down payment and monthly fee, you can become a Team Beachbody Coach. A Beachbody Coach connects people to Beachbody’s many fitness programs and events. You’ll also promote Beachbody’s wellness products, including its line of fitness shakes. Coaches create and mentor their own Beachbody teams. In addition, they organize Beachbody fitness events during the year.

As a Beachbody Coach, you’ll earn commissions by promoting Beachbody products. In addition, you’ll have access to lots of fun perks and discounts. New coaches receive a starting kit with training tools, plus a personal coaching website.

Udemy is famous for its popular teaching videos. However, it also provides a great way for content creators to make money. Udemy is like a YouTube version of college, where everyday people post teaching videos. To create fitness videos for Udemy, all you need is decent video equipment. But if you want to be really successful, it helps to offer a top-notch fitness program.

Built-in Fans

With its many fans, Udemy can be a great money-maker for fitness instructors. Through Udemy’s Instructor Revenue Share program, you’ll make money each time someone purchases your course. By offering popular courses like Pilates, you might attract even more sales.

On Udemy, you can post as many courses as you want for free. Plus, Udemy offers lots of free training videos for content creators. These include customized tools to help you create attractive videos that will sell.

Yes, Jazzercise is still around. And thanks to the internet, this dance/aerobics program is as popular as ever. Jazzercise franchises are available throughout the world. However, if you’d rather be a teacher than a business owner, consider becoming a Jazzercise associate instructor.

Jazzercise Fee

As an instructor, you’ll pay a one-time franchising fee. You’ll also pay yearly fees for music downloads, equipment and insurance. Plus, you’ll have to audition for a Jazzercise management team. The good news is, they’ll provide three rehearsals to help you ace your audition.

Moreover, as a Jazzercise instructor, you’ll make money from every class you teach. A good location (and great teaching skills) can really inflate your bank account if you’re successful.

Created in the 1990s, Zumba has quickly become a streaming sensation for trainers and viewers. If you’d like to teach this fast-paced program, you’ll have to get certified from a Zumba program.

Once you’re certified, you can market yourself everywhere as a freelance Zumba instructor. With Zumba’s following, this could bring a big financial boost to your fitness streams.

Who would have thought that Facebook and YouTube would become fitness industry giants? Thanks to video streaming, social media sites have become big money-makers for fitness trainers.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch all provide free streaming platforms for video content. These social media platforms are ideal for posting and marketing fitness videos. All three sites encourage viewers to tip their favorite streamers (usually through Paypal or Venmo). In addition, they offer partnerships where creators can share ad revenues. Also, you can set up a Patreon page to accept monthly pledges from viewers. And don’t forget the “merch” — fun logo merchandise (like silly T-shirts, stickers and mugs) you can sell to your fans.

One great way to freelance is to hire yourself out as a fitness trainer to local businesses. Today’s companies are investing more each year in employee wellness programs. In general, this trend has created a new demand for company fitness instructors.

Before offering your services, do some homework first. Ask whether the company has a fitness program, and find out how extensive it is. Also, don’t go through HR. Instead, talk to members of management first. This way, you can start networking to drum up as much business as you can. And be sure to polish up your resume. If you haven’t certified yet as a fitness trainer, do it now.

Wait to Invest Big

Except for branded products like Jazzercise, successful fitness side hustles don’t require a large financial investment. In most cases, all you need is standard audio and video equipment. Best of all, you don’t need to invest in an expensive webcam to stream videos. In fact, many successful streamers started off by using phone video apps. An online search will help you find good (and cheap) video cameras and recording equipment.

One tip: In today’s rapidly growing tech world, video cameras can quickly become outdated. That’s why you shouldn’t buy expensive equipment right away. Instead, wait to see how successful your videos are. Once your viewership is growing, you can consider buying a better quality camera.

Successful fitness side hustles require a lot of planning and personal commitment. But with so many video streaming platforms online, it’s worth putting in the effort to find your target market. By doing your homework, you’re sure to find a fitness side hustle you can enjoy. And if you’re lucky, it may boost your bank account as well.


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