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Last updated June 16, 2021

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June 16, 2021

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Are you looking for a way to bring in extra money? Working a side hustle while continuing to work at your regular job is an excellent way to boost your savings and feel more comfortable about your financial situation. Many side hustles can be lucrative—and they can be fun, too.

If you’re an animal or dog lover, several side hustle opportunities might be a perfect fit for you including a dog walking side hustle. Check out the following side hustles for dog lovers ideas so you can get the inspiration that you need to make extra money and change your financial situation:

Now that pandemic restrictions are easing and more people are back at the office, puppies and dogs are alone for long hours. There is now even more of a need for dog walkers. You can get paid to stop by people’s homes to walk their dogs. This dog walking side hustle can be a fun way to make some extra money while also adding extra exercise to your daily routine.

Set Your Own Rates

To get started, you have a few options: you can offer this service independently or you can set your rates and charge people per walk or per day for your services. Consider advertising by putting flyers around town or offer your services in neighborhood groups on social media. You can also ask friends and family if they’d like to hire you.

If you prefer to use a service to get started, that’s an option, too. There are a few popular companies that can help you find work and promote your services. The top businesses in the industry are Wag and Rover. But there are others, too.

Dog Walking Apps

With these apps, you can create a profile, find dog owners, and get paid for your work. Just keep in mind that when you go through a service, they will take a portion of the money that you make. If you run your dog walking company on your own, you control your income.

No matter how you go about it, a dog walking side hustle can be fun and rewarding.

Another excellent job for dog lovers besides a dog walking side hustle is dog sitting. You can babysit dogs when their owners go out of town. If you love all animals, you can also offer this service to cat owners. You’ll get plenty of love from some furry friends, plus you can make extra money.

Just like with a dog walking side hustle, you can use an app to get started or offer these services on your own. Both Wag and Rover allow you to advertise pet boarding and pet sitting services.

Set Your Own Rate

You’ll need to decide how much to charge per day and whether you want to do your pet sitting at the owner’s own home or if you want to provide services at your own home. Some pet owners may prefer that you come to their home, as their pets may feel most comfortable with this setup.

This opportunity can be a lucrative side hustle, especially with summer vacations coming up. Once you get a few pet sitting sessions under your belt, it can be easier to secure more gigs.

The list of side hustles for dog lovers doesn’t stop there. Another service that you can provide to pet owners is pet photography. Many people make money freelancing with their photography skills. Most pet owners love looking at photos of their pets, and if you’re good with a camera, this can be a fun way to bring in extra income.

If you’re new to pet photography, practice by taking photos of your own pet or by taking pictures of a family member’s pets. The more you practice, the better your photos will get. You can charge per session and offer a certain amount of photos with each session.

Rewarding Gig

If you’re great with animals, this can be a rewarding gig. It takes effort and skill to get pets to look your way and cooperate when taking their photo. Toys and treats can make it easier to get the shots that you want.

Getting started with this kind of side hustle well before the winter holidays is a smart idea. Many pet owners love to use photos of their pets for their holiday cards. There’s an opportunity to book a lot of sessions if you’re good at what you do.

What dog doesn’t love dog treats? Pet owners love to buy unique treats for their pets. This is especially true if the treats are made locally and contain all-natural ingredients. You can start a doggy treat side hustle and get paid to create treats for local dogs in your area. You can even pair a treat delivery service with your dog walking side hustle.

Easy to Create

Dog treats aren’t difficult to make, either. There are many easy recipes available online, and you can get creative to make your treats unique. You can test out your treats with your dog to see what flavors work best. As more people learn about your dog treats, it’ll be easier to expand your business and make more money.

There are a lot of dog treats available at regular stores, but they often contain additives. Your homemade dog treat products will appeal to health-conscious pet owners.

Another great side hustle option for dog lovers is to draw pet portraits. If you’re very artsy, this can be a fun side gig that can bring in a lot of money. Many people love to decorate their home with unique artwork, and what better home decor idea than to show off their fur family members.

Consider creating custom art pieces. You can draw, paint, or create digital artwork. Explore ideas that cater to your artistic abilities. Custom dog portraits make for a great gift idea, so you can do well if you promote your services throughout the year during the holidays.

You can sell your artwork on a platform like Etsy, or you can create a website. Another option is to make some sample pieces and then promote your artwork service on social media. People of all ages are interested in unique art, so you can do well if you take the time to market your service.

Add Another Hustle

Whether you start a dog walking side hustle or find another way to work with furry companions, there are plenty of ways to bring in extra income. Digital technology makes earning a side income easier than ever. Whatever you do, be sure to research your options and work hard. This will help you get the results that you want. If you do the work, it’s possible to make some extra money while having fun hanging out with dogs.

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