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June 5, 2018

Saving Money on Smart Home Technology

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It seems like everyone is getting into the “smart home” trend. For some people, that means adding a smart thermostat that helps them lower their energy usage. For others, that means having complex security systems installed.

No matter what type of smart home technology interests you, you will likely find that some products cost more than you expect. Use the following four tips to save money on smart home technology.

The newest smart home products usually have the highest prices. You can save a considerable amount of money by looking for last year’s models.

By choosing an older model, you will likely lose some features. In return, you’ll save 10 percent or more on the cost of your smart home.

While several companies sell complete smart home packages, you don’t have to buy multiple products at once. Instead, make your smart gadgets more affordable by purchasing one item at a time.

This month, you might want to buy wireless lighting. Next month, you can invest in a smart speaker. Eventually, you’ll have all of the smart home technology that you want.

If you already own a smartphone, tablet or smart speaker, then you’ve already started to build a smart home. You can save money by focusing on devices that connect with popular smart assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google.

After you add your smart locks or similar device, you can control it through your phone or tablet. You’ll save hundreds of dollars by avoiding packaged sets of smart devices.

Depending on the type of smart home devices that you buy, the company may offer to install the gadgets for a small price. If you’ve chosen a large system, then you should leave installation to the professionals. If you just have a few simple items, though, you can probably install them yourself instead of paying a professional.

Look for smart home devices that are easy to install and connect to your existing system.

Eventually, you may save enough money that you can afford the smart TV that you’ve had your eye on.

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