Many people prefer Amazon to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers for the ease and convenience of one-stop shopping from home. But many also prefer Amazon due to lower prices on items that consumers need on a weekly or monthly basis. Consider these five items that are typically cheaper to buy on Amazon than anywhere else, and see where you can start saving money each month.

1. Diapers and Baby Products

While diapers aren’t typically that expensive, especially when bought in bulk or at low-cost retailers like Walmart, the frequency with which you need to purchase them means that costs quickly add up. The same goes for other baby products such as baby food, wipes and formula. A quick comparison of some of the top diaper brands shows that not only is Amazon typically cheaper, but they also offer several incentives that help you save even more.

For example, Amazon now has a subscription service for products such as diapers, which means they’ll ship your diapers automatically according to the frequency preference you set. You get additional savings for signing up for the subscription service and shipping is usually free as well.

2. Coffee

Everyone loves their morning coffee, but those coffee pods everyone is so crazy about these days means a lot of money is spent on them each month. Thankfully, Amazon comes to the rescue again. Instead of spending a hefty price on small boxes of pods at the supermarket, you can buy larger boxes of your favorite brand on Amazon at substantial savings. The coffee pods are also available as a subscription service. Depending on which brand you prefer, you can save approximately $80 a month on coffee pods.

3. Cat and Dog Food

Another item available through its subscription service, you can purchase nearly any type of cat or dog food through Amazon. You’ll save plenty of money, as well as spontaneous trips to the supermarket or pet supply store when you suddenly realize Fido is out of food.

4. Kitchen and Bath Supplies

Bulk brick-and-mortar stores may have low prices on these items, but their selection is often pretty limited. With its “Subscribe and Save” option, Amazon cuts prices even lower on hundreds of items such as paper towels, toilet paper, dishwasher pods, laundry detergent and more.

5. Vitamins

With a huge selection and several size options available (plus Subscribe & Save), Amazon beats most pharmacies and supermarkets on vitamin and supplement prices as well.

There are, of course, hundreds of other items you might find cheaper on Amazon. Explore the site today to determine how else you could be saving money on your shopping list!