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Last updated September 30, 2019

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Money Saving Tips
September 30, 2019

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As seasons change and we start thinking about all those Fall Wardrobe updates. Building a clothing uniform can make it easier to decide what to wear, and save you a fair amount of money in the long run. Updating your fall wardrobe can easily end in a mountain of debt if you’re not mindful of budget.

A clothing uniform, also known as a capsule wardrobe, a minimal approach to fashion. You do not need an overflowing closet to build gorgeous outfits. You can still have a full wardrobe of casual, professional, and elegant options that will transition throughout the seasons. With a clothing uniform, you don’t have to repeat outfits. You will have a personally curated collection of options to draw from. This makes choosing outfits much simpler, and is a much friendly budget option.

There are many benefits that can come with simplifying your wardrobe. First, your drawers and closets will be simpler to organize. Another benefit is that you will likely have less laundry loads to do. This brings us to a third benefit. Enlisting a clothing uniform is one of the best money-saving tips out there. Along with buying less clothing, you spend less on the costs of washing.

Before you start to build a new wardrobe, think about your lifestyle and schedule. What do you spend most of your time doing each day? Taking time to be mindful of your wardrobe needs will help you to decide on what is a necessity.

When you first start building a clothing uniform, it may be helpful to pick a certain number of items as your goal. For some, a count-free approach is less stressful. The point is to reassess how costly it is to maintain your wardrobe as the seasons shift. Here are a few guidelines you can keep in mind while you build your capsule wardrobe:

Choose Your Colors

A good tip is to keep your basics in neutral colors, as they will be easier to mix and match. However, if there are certain colors that you continue to choose, stick with those. The goal is to find a combination of colors that all match well together, and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Go for Classic Styles

Have you ever tried a trendy style, only to watch it sit on your closet unworn? Something may look chic for a second in the fitting room but be hard to wear. If you choose items that are flattering and functional, you are more likely to keep wearing them. As seasons shift, a capsule wardrobe of classic styles will transition easily. Clothing staples can be dressed up with seasonal accessories, and it will be much easier to find the styles that work for you over and over.

Quality Is Worth It

When you only have a few items, means those items will get more wear. If you are constantly replacing clothing that wears, you aren’t saving as much money. Choose quality fabrics that are well-made. It may cost you a bit more up front, but it is worth it over time.

Of course, these are just guidelines and the key to building a good capsule wardrobe is in reflecting on your lifestyle. You may find that you need more or less of certain styles. It is ok to have separate uniforms for work, working out, or whatever else you may need.

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