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April 26, 2019

Removing Extra Names and Addresses from Your Credit Report

Written By Mary Beth Eastman
Last updated September 3, 2019

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When you are trying to clean up your credit, there are a few steps that are most common and useful. For instance, to begin the process, most take the time to order a free copy of their credit report in order to review it and scan it for mistakes. Once a discrepancy is uncovered, there is a simple process to help you follow in order to get rid of items such as extra names and addresses on your credit report. The following is a short overview of this process.

Did you know that former employers are able to report a variety of details to credit report agencies which can ultimately end up on your credit report? This means old addresses and phone numbers, temporary addresses, and even P.O. boxes may still appear on your credit report. However, in order to have them removed, the process is simple.

  • Send a Letter– One method is to send a letter to the agency or agencies that have this false information. These letters can be sent via snail mail, fax, or email. Just be sure to follow up to make sure it has been received.
  • Provide Proof– Once you prove you are not associated with the address or phone number, they will gladly remove it from the report. There are plenty of ways to prove your present residence and/or phone number. Be sure to ask the agency which methods they are requesting.
  • Fill Out a Dispute Form– On the other hand, many companies have dispute forms on their website. In these cases, simply fill out the form and follow up as requested.
  • Follow Up– No matter what method you choose, be sure to contact the company to make sure they have removed the false information from your credit report.

Overall, if you are concerned about your credit report, you are not alone. In the wake of various cyber breaches, many are concerned about the information on their credit report for a variety of reasons. Either way, if you need help fixing your credit score, in particular, consult with a credit repair company for help improving your credit. We review the best credit repair companies here.

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