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November 15, 2017

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Priceline is an online travel agency that is best known for its “Name Your Own Price” feature. Instead of selecting a hotel, flight or a car rental at a set price, you can put in a bid that fits within your budget.

You provide information on where you’re going, the dates and begin the bidding process. Priceline allows you to refine your search, such as choosing the exact neighborhood for a hotel, how many stars are acceptable and similar details. After that, you put in a bid and cross your fingers. You won’t know what hotel, airline or rental car company you’re getting until after the bid is accepted, so this distinctive feature is best when you’re not picky about the company you end up with.

Priceline also provides a traditional online travel agency search, with a focus on discounted rates and last-minute deals. For example, the Express Deals section goes up to a 60 percent discount. You still don’t get to see which company you’re traveling with until after you book in this section.

In addition to cars, flights and car rentals, Priceline offers vacation packages and cruises. The packages are all-inclusive bundles that give you an entire trip in one click. They handle the logistics for you, so all you need to do is show up and start enjoying yourself.

The cruises are split between standard and luxury cruise lines. Priceline’s cruise packages often include money to spend on board as a promotion. You can find a lot of deals, such as last-minute and off-season cruises, free upgrades and reduced room rates for third and fourth passengers. The departure and destination ports take you all over the world, whether you want a cruise that’s mostly at-sea or one that has you stopping in tons of ports along the way.

A lot of Priceline’s discounts are built-in, but you can often find a Priceline coupon that brings down the cost of your trip or rental. Some examples of the Priceline promo codes available in the past include 50 percent off last-minute flights, 7 percent off your hotel booking, 40 percent off of a car rental, $500 off vacation packages and 10 percent off Express Deals.

You have two times of year where you have access to the best Priceline coupon codes. During the summer, everyone wants to get their travel plans booked. Every online travel agency is angling to get your money during this period, and they pull out all the stops with a Priceline promo code that’s hard to resist.

If you don’t like the available Priceline coupon that you find, check back a week later. The company typically rotates Priceline promo codes frequently, so you should find one that works out great for your plans.

Then you have the shoulder season for many prime locations. That time of year still offers good enough weather to enjoy your vacation, but many people have already taken their trips for the year. You have to deal with a lot less tourist traffic, which makes it easier to relax and see the sights. You might have to deal with a bit of unpredictable weather, but Priceline coupon codes help make up for that. The company needs to keep revenue flowing during the off-season before weather conditions make it difficult to market the location as a prime trip spot. The Priceline hotel coupon can be the deciding factor for a lot of people.

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