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October 11, 2017

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Looking for the best ways to save at Old Navy? Want to score an Old Navy coupon code or Old Navy promo code for some new summer clothes? Well you’re in luck! Here are the top tips for getting the most bang for your buck at this clothing retailer:

Old Navy is a U.S.-based clothing and fashion retailer that was founded on March 11, 1994. Today, the brand has more than one thousand locations. As a result of it’s popularity it has won several awards for being one of the “Most Admired” brands in the world. They are also known for adopting innovative climate and energy policies.

Specializing in offering discounted men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. Old Navy is a one-stop shop for lots of families and individuals.

1. Best Way to Score an Old Navy Coupon Code 

Looking for the best way to score an Old Navy coupon or an Old Navy promo code? There are dozens of options. While Old Navy does all the standard seasonal sales, including Labor Day, and Memorial Day. It also offers a wide selection of daily and weekly discounts and ways to save money.

2. Markdowns Happen Weekly

On a weekly basis, Old Navy marks its products down on Sunday and Monday. The brand also initiates temporary price cuts every Thursday. These temporary price cuts are designed to help prepare for weekend sales. Which happen in-store most weekends of the month.

3. Best Prices Tend to Be Online

If you want to use an Old Navy promo code to do your shopping, head online. It’s easy to choose from many Old Navy promo codes available on their website. When you access the site, you’ll typically see an Old Navy coupon on the top of the page. Or advertised as a limited-time sale. While it can be rare to get an Old Navy coupon code in-store, they’re offered almost constantly online.

4. Stacking Coupon Codes

What’s more, Old Navy makes it possible to stack up to four Old Navy discount codes in a single online transaction. As a result, complementing Old Navy codes makes it easy to obtain the lowest price.

Finally, it’s important to remember that Old Navy stores operate independently of one another. This means that the deals offered at one store aren’t necessarily present at the next, this won’t always translate across the country.

With this in mind, don’t forget to check your local store frequently. It may be offering offline sales and deals you wouldn’t have heard of elsewhere. If it is, you’ll typically find that the discounts are deeper (albeit less frequent) than the online prices. If the prices are still too high, then head to the company’s website to see what you can find there.

You may also choose to use a program like Honey to comb the web for active Old Navy codes and apply them to your order. For example, once your online cart is loaded Honey will tell you if the store has active coupons or not. Thus, Honey will automatically apply them to your cart at checkout, making it much easier to access major cost-savings across the board.

While there are dozens of ways to save money on Old Navy products, shopping for coupon codes and online sales are some of the best. Next time you go to make a purchase from the brand, look for in-store markdowns or online discounts to save you a pretty penny.

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