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August 1, 2019

National Debt Relief Review

Written By Jack Ryder
Last updated November 22, 2019

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National Debt Relief Review: If you find yourself in deep credit card debt with no way to get out, a debt relief company may be able to help. National Debt Relief is one of the top debt relief companies, and services a wide range of debt consolidations and settlements, but how does it stack up against the competition? We took an in-depth look at the company to see how it compares.

Best Debt Relief Companies of 2019

RankDebt Relief ServiceBest ForCostExpert Rating
1Freedom Debt ReliefOverall Debt Relief15%-25% of debt★★★★★
2National Debt ReliefDebt Settlement18%-25% of debt★★★★★
3Accredited Debt ReliefDebt Management18%-25% of debt★★★★★
4Payoff LoansDebt Consolidation5.99%-24.99% loan rates★★★★★

Best Debt Relief Companies of 2019

RankDebt Relief ServiceBest for
1Freedom Debt ReliefOverall Debt Relief
2National Debt ReliefDebt Settlement
3Accredited Debt ReliefDebt Management
3Payoff LoansDebt Consolidation

National Debt Relief

Get Started with National

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  • Price: 18-25 percent of enrolled debt is the National Debt Relief price for helping to negotiate your debt reduction.
  • Debt Qualifications: To qualify for National Debt Relief services, you must have at least $7,500 in qualifying debt.
  • Features: Working with National Debt Relief gives you access to a toolbox of options for reducing your monthly outlay on debts. You can pursue everything from National debt consolidation to debt relief, and even bankruptcy services are available if you are unable to keep up with your existing debts.
  • Customer Service: Keeping up with your debt relief program is quick and easy with plenty of contact options. You can always call toll-free during extended service hours on any weekday. Email and fax are also available for anyone who needs to make contact with their debt relief counselor.

The average amount of consumer household debt has reached more than $16,000. It is important to remember that this number doesn’t include debts like home mortgages, auto loans or tax debts. That amount is strictly referring to revolving credit, business debts, medical bills and other unsecured debts. When you are servicing a lot of debt, it might not leave much left over to pay for regular living expenses. When paying your utilities and mortgage is a struggle because you’re also paying credit card debt, you could probably use some help reducing the amount you owe. That’s where National Debt Relief comes in.

National Debt Relief helps you determine which debts to enroll in debt relief programs and estimates how much you can save. You can also explore different methods for approaching your debt. If you have good credit, choosing a debt consolidation loan is often the best method. You won’t reduce your debt by as much, but you will maintain a high credit score during the process and reduce your interest payments. Consolidation loans let you reduce the number of creditors and the amount of interest.

When you don’t have good credit, National Debt Relief can negotiate with your creditors to accept a single lump-sum payment that is substantially less than the amount you owe. National debt consolidation is a better solution for your credit score, but when you score has already been affected, debt relief programs can save you more money. In some cases, you will see savings of around 50 percent, according to several National Debt Relief reviews.

Then, you make monthly payments into an escrow account that eventually goes to your creditor. In order to make this work and get the best deal from your creditors, you do need to show financial hardship. A sudden change in employment or a medical emergency can show that you are unable to climb out of debt without some sort of relief.

When all else fails and you just can’t make the payments, even when they are reduced, you can always consider bankruptcy. This should be last on your list though, since it can affect your credit for years to come. Depending on the type of bankruptcy, it can even affect your home or car. That’s why debt relief specialists at National Debt Relief work with you to avoid bankruptcy filings unless there is no other option.

By working on one debt at a time, you gradually reduce the amount you owe until you are debt free.

National Debt Relief reviews often give it the top spot on lists because of its straightforward pricing and solid outcomes. Pricing is a simple matter of a percentage of your enrolled debt. For example, if you have a $20,000 balance with a credit card company, National Debt Relief will charge you between $3,600-$5,000, depending on the state you live in. After negotiating your debt down and working out a payment plan you can meet, you can save as much as you pay, making National Debt Relief a very affordable way to clear your balances. Unlike other debt relief companies, there is no monthly fee that adds on top of your debt.

Those who finish the program enjoy a substantially reduced amount of debt and significantly more financial freedom. You can see how successful National Debt Relief is with different creditors, because they post their results. This gives you a quick and easy way to crunch the numbers and find out if you can actually save using their service.

Plus, National Debt Relief reviews and testimonials show that it is very unlike companies in other industries. In most industries, repeat customers are the best way to keep earning money. With National Debt Relief, the company prefers a one-and-done approach. Their goal is to help you never need their services in the future, and it works most of the time. They advertise that 92 percent of their customers never need to revisit debt relief services.

National Debt Relief routinely shows up at the top of the list for professional rankings. Newspaper outlets and financial planners often list this company as the preferred choice for debt relief, for a number of reasons. A comprehensive list of services that approach debt reduction from several angles gives you the most options when trying to get out from under extreme debt. In addition, the lack of a monthly fee can really help to reduce the cost of debt reduction, making it something that actually adds value.

You can always attempt to negotiate your debts down without a service provider, but National Debt Relief can demonstrate the value in their services with savings to you.

Customers also give National Debt Relief high ratings. You’ll see lots of testimonials about how helpful the company is. You’ll also see plenty of people talking about how easy it is to work with National Debt Relief.

If you’re looking for debt relief, you are probably having trouble making all of your payments each month. This could be due to some unexpected expenses, a change in your employment status, an injury or illness, or even because of overspending. No matter why you are underwater on your debt, the question of whether or not National Debt solutions can help really depends on the type of debt you are carrying.

If you owe back taxes or a high mortgage, or you can’t make your car payments, debt relief likely can’t help. Secured loans, those that have physical property used to guarantee the loan, are usually not subject to negotiation in the same way as unsecured debt. After all, if you don’t make your mortgage payments, your lender will simply foreclose on the house. The same is true with your auto loan. Debt relief becomes a real option when you have a fair amount of unsecured debt.

This could be anything from high credit card balances to money owed to vendors for your business. Some student loan debt is also negotiable, depending on the type of loan. The best way to find out whether or not National Debt Relief is the right choice for your is with a consultation. Debt relief specialists can discuss all of your options and talk about the potential consequences to your credit when you choose a debt relief solution. They will even give you an estimate on the costs and potential savings, so you can move forward with confidence.

Keep in mind that debt relief companies do not do anything to help your credit score, so if after fixing your debt, your credit score is still low, you may want to check out one of the top credit repair companies to help with your credit problems.

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