August 10, 2016

Motif Investing Review

Written By Jack Ryder
Last updated November 13, 2017

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Motif Investing offers one of the more exciting and diverse ways to auto-invest, making it one of the most popular online investing sites now. It focuses on investing in motifs, which are groupings of stocks based on ideas. For example, you can invest in a “Renewable Energy” motif that focuses on businesses in the renewable energy field. It also allows you to trade individual stocks as well as build IRAs, which lends to its diversity. Here’s a more detailed look at Motif Investing.

Motif Investing Review

Motif Investing website

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  • Best For: Idea investing. Motif Investing is named after an actual investing option: Motifs. Motifs are basically investing in an idea. If you like the idea of electric cars and think they are a good investment, there is a “Battery Charged” motif you can invest in. Motifs are groupings of around 30 stocks that are related to a theme, so even if you don’t know anything about specific businesses, you can still invest in the idea around those businesses.
  • Price: Trades are $9.95, which might seem like a lot, but it’s for 30 stocks, as opposed to one stock, which is what most online investing sites charge for. That breaks down to just $0.33 per stock. Single trades are only $4.95 per trade.
  • Features: Motif Investing lets you pick from motifs already set up, or ones that have been created by other investors. You can also create your own motif with the stocks you want. Once you’ve picked a motif, you can customize it, picking the percentage you want to invest in each company. Motif Investing will, of course, help you get everything set up. Motif Investing is also offering a $150 deal for your first 5 trades.
  • Other highlights: If motifs aren’t your thing, Motif Investing also allows you to invest in individual stocks.
  • Customer Service: Motif Investing does a good job of putting you in the driver’s seat, but it is also good at making sure you are taken care of when it comes to customer service.
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