Chances are your mother does not care what you do with her on Mother’s Day. She’s just thrilled to spend time with you. That said, you probably do want to treat her in style — and without breaking the bank. No problem! Here are five money-saving tips for Mother’s Day.

1. Think Outside the Box With Flowers

Use online coupons and discount codes to buy flowers for your mother. An alternative is to celebrate Mother’s Day a couple of days early, when flower prices are cheaper. Better yet, get your mother a potted plant or potted flower. They are often cheaper than bouquets and last much longer. Every time your mother looks at the plant, she will think of you. It’s a great gift that keeps on giving!

2. Give Her a New Experience

Many businesses run specials for manicures, pedicures and the like. However, you don’t need to spend a dime if you prefer not to. Take your mother for a walk or a hike at a new spot, or even treat her to a lakeside or riverside picnic.

3. Get Dirty

Your mother may really appreciate you coming over to her house and cleaning it while she is out. Afterward, you could cook a delicious dinner. Cleaning not your thing? Help her out by maintaining her yard or garden, maybe adding a plant or two. 

4. Give the Gift of Photos

Photos are an excellent, heartfelt and inexpensive gift. Collect favorite family photos in a framed collage for Mother’s Day. Alternatively, create a photo album

or an album in a digital photo frame that changes the picture every once in a while. You could even present the photos in a basket filled with other goodies, such as a homemade card and your mother’s favorite candy. Want to go a little further? If you (or someone in your family) has photography skills, you could set up a photo shoot. Just let your mother know in advance so she can approve the idea and pick out an outfit to wear.

5. Collect Her Favorite Tunes

A mix tape (or a mix CD) of your mother’s favorite songs is sure to make her smile. Introduce her to a few new songs too, if you want. She’ll enjoy finding the connections between the new songs and her life and family.

6. Check out Flash Sale Sites

Sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial offer a number of Mother’s Day gifts including flowers, chocolates and spa deals. Before making those brunch reservations check out the above sites for discounts.