December 4, 2018
By Jack Ryder

Cheap Credit Repair: The Top 5 Most Affordable, Reliable Services

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Reader question: I need to fix my credit score and I’ve heard about credit repair services, but I’ve heard they can be a scam. Are there any that work?

Answer: It depends on your credit situation. If you have legitimate negative information on your credit report that is accurate, credit repair services may not be able to help. Credit repair services are best when used for disputing errors on your credit report or contesting information that may be easily removed or negotiated off your report. Even with that being the case, some credit repair companies tend to have higher reliability for boosting a credit score and offer better value than others. The best, most reliable credit repair services we have found and recommend to consumers are Sky Blue, The Credit People, Lexington Law, and Pyramid.

RankCredit Repair ServiceBest ForMonthly FeeSTL Reliability Rating
1Sky Blue Credit RepairOverall Value$79★★★★★
2The Credit PeopleTrial Period$79★★★★
3Lexington Law Credit RepairReputation$89.95★★★★
5Pyramid Credit RepairCustomer Service$99★★★

Best Credit Repair Companies of 2018

RankCredit Repair ServiceSTL Reliability Rating
1Sky Blue Credit Repair★★★★★
2The Credit People★★★★
3Lexington Law★★★★★★★★★
5Pyramid Credit Repair★★★

Sky Blue is the most affordable and reliable credit repair option that we looked at. Sky Blue has streamlined their credit repair service so that they offer strictly credit repair (like fixing mistakes on your credit report, good-faith letters to your creditors, etc.) and don’t include extras that raise the price like other credit repair companies.

Also, Sky Blue has a great feature for the budget-minded customer that allows you to pause your service with the click of a button if you need to take a break or can’t afford a month or longer.

Price: $79 to start, $79/month after

BBB Rating: A+

Reliability?  Sky Blue has been around for several years now, and its reliability has stood the test of time. It has received many positive reviews across the web, but more importantly, it has historically received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Sky Blue scores the highest in reliability as it is the only credit repair services that offers a full 90-day refund if you are dissatisfied with its service for any reason You can sign up for Sky Blue Credit Repair here or call (888) 534-1510 to talk to a live person.

The Credit People charges $79 a month, but it also has some incentives that knock it into the good-deal credit repair category. First, you can sign up for a 7-day trial for only $19, so you don’t have to commit to anything long-term and can try out the service first.

Price: $79 a month for the monthly service. $19 for a 7-day trial of the services

BBB Rating: B

Reliability? offers the level of reliability guaranteed by the Credit Repair Organizations Act, which is that prospective credit repair consumers don’t have to pay anything upfront for the work that is set to be completed in a given month. An additional level of reliability is in place, however, in that if you aren’t satisfied with any of the work that Credit People has done, you can cancel at any time and don’t have to pay for that month’s work. You can check out The Credit People here or call (866) 323-0104 to talk to a live person.

The best part about Lexington Law is that it is an actual law firm that specializes in credit law, which means they know what they are doing when dealing with lenders. Lexington Law has been around longer than most other credit repair services and includes all of the bells and whistles that come along with their credit repair plan, including credit report monitoring and identity theft protection that comes along with its most expensive package.

If you want to opt for a cheaper credit repair plan, you can always sign up for an expert identity theft protection service like Lifelock. (You can check out our comparison of Lifelock to Experian here.)

Price: $89.95/month (for cheapest plan.)

Reliability? Lexington Law scores high for reliability because it has been around for more than 27 years. It also meets the reliability and legal demands of the Credit Repair Organizations act in that it only charges for the work it has already completed. You can check out more about Lexington Law here or call (844) 259-3376 to talk to a live person. offers a top tier service for $99.95 per month, which offers all the standard services, as well as identity theft protection and credit report monitoring. actually has a relationship with TransUnion, so they can actually pull your credit score for you, which is extremely helpful. They also have an “A” rating from the BBB, and are known as one of the better credit restoration services. The only downside to is the cost. They charge $99.95 a month, although they don’t have an initial fee like most other credit repair services. With the $99.95, you get your standard credit repair services, as well as monthly credit monitoring, a score tracker and analysis, mobile apps and text and email alerts.

Price: $99.95/month

BBB Rating: A

Reliability? scores high for reliability due to its many high ratings, its solid track record and its previously awarded rating of A from the Better Business Bureau. Further bolstering the reliability of is that fact that you can cancel at any time if you feel the work that you agreed upon is not being completed. Sign up for here or call (844) 764-9863 to talk to a live person.

Pyramid is the most expensive of the reliable credit repair companies. You pay $99 as the monthly price, which includes your own personal advisor, unlimited bureau disputes, as well as dispute management, as well as validation and goodwill letters to help you improve your credit.

Remember, if you are having issues with your debt, credit repair companies can not help you. Try a debt relief program. Check out our Freedom Debt Relief reviews here and Accredited Debt Relief reviews here to see two of our top-ranked services.

Price: $99 a month.

BBB Rating: N/A

Reliability? Pyramid is a fairly new credit repair service, so it has not rating from the Better Business Bureau. It does, however, allow dissatisfied customers to cancel at any time and does not charge them the monthly fees for that month. Put simply, if Pyramid doesn’t do the agreed upon work in a given month, you get a refund for that month. You can check out Pyramid here.

To increase credit repair company reliability and protect consumers, the Credit Repair Organizations Act says that credit repair services cannot make any false or misleading claims. This is why no credit repair service can offer a guarantee on its work or potential results.

Even so, we can still make an educated guess at the reliability of a credit repair service based on the reviews it has received, its BBB rating, and whether it offers any kind of refund if consumers are unhappy with their results.

We believe Sky Blue, The Credit People, Lexington Law, and Pyramid are among the best credit repair services out there when it comes to cost and reliability. Sky Blue leads the industry in reliability with its 90-day money-back policy, but all of the other services listed here follow close behind.

  • I dont have any credit, can you build my credit from scratch? If you can how much does it cost?

    • Sadly, credit repair companies cannot build credit for you. The only way to build credit is to apply for a loan or credit card. Since you don’t have any credit yet, I would suggest applying for a secured credit card to start building your credit.

  • Lexington law charges $99.00 a month and does not make a guarantee on fixing a persons credit.

  • Ending up going with SkyBlue, so far I’ve had a great service! Thanks!

    • Have you been paying a monthly service?

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