Black Friday seems to get bigger and bigger every year. Retailers continue to compete for shoppers by pushing the envelope on discounts. Many consumers find themselves overwhelmed, but below are some tips to help curb the time you spend waiting in line.

According to a study done by Forbes last year, 70% of advertised doorbuster deals were also offered online. No need to stand in the cold waiting for that store to open at 4 a.m., you can find those huge deals while shopping in your sweatpants.

1) Skip the low price pieces. Items such as clothing and toys will remain on sale throughout the holiday season. Large department stores such as Macy’s<p/i.ashx?foid=1048325.654112&fot=9999&foc=1&” alt=”” border=”0″ /> offer substantial deals well after Black Friday. If clothing is on your list, experts say to only purchase items that are at least 40% off the regular price.

2) The 40% off rule does not apply to certain brands. Some brands rarely go on sale, and if that is the case then a savings of 20-30% is considered to be a great deal.

3) Focus on electronics, this is where you will see the most savings. Walmart and Amazon are considered to be the top retailers when it comes to low prices for electronics. Narrowing your search to just these two retailers will save you time and money.

4) If Black Friday isn’t your thing, take the time to write out your gift list. Luckily Cyber Monday is known to have deals that rival Black Friday.

5) If the rush of Black Friday is something you enjoy, make sure you get there early. Experts say that the early deals tend to be the best. If you don’t want to fight over that latest video game, check out Walmart’s one hour guarantee, meaning the price will be honored if you arrive within the hour timeframe.

But there is no need to leave the dinner table in a haste this season, retailers are providing most if not all of their deals online. Hello leftover turkey and sweatpants, happy saving!