Making household items last longer gives you a chance to save money and pad your budget. Many of the following tips take little to no effort. In fact, they can save you time and make life more convenient.

Get More Uses From Your Soaps and Shampoos

Using soaps and shampoos in moderation is the easiest way to make them last. Still, you can follow a few tips to give your bathroom supplies longer lives. Try these tricks to save a few bucks:

  • Let bar soap sit out for a few days before using. Dry soap doesn’t dissolve as quickly, so you’ll get more uses.
  • Squirt body gels and washes onto a loofah or sponge to create more lather.
  • When a shampoo bottle feels empty, add some water to get a few more washes.

Make Razors Last Longer

The cost of disposable razors can add up quickly. Drying the blade between uses will prevent it from becoming dull.

You can also sharpen an aging blade by running it along an old pair of jeans. Place the razor face down on the denim and push it away from you about 20 times. You should get a few more shaves.

Extend the Lives of Laundry Products

Laundry detergent never seems to last as long as you think it will. Get more uses from your next bottle by using half of the manufacturer’s recommended amount. More often than not, you won’t notice a difference. You’ll double the detergent’s life and still get clean clothes.

Also, don’t throw out dryer sheets after one use. Run them through at least twice before you toss them.

Conserve Cleaning Products

Running out of cleaning products does more than cost you money. It can also prevent you from finishing jobs. It’s hard to find the motivation to finish cleaning a room after you’ve taken a break to go get more supplies.

Follow these tips to get more time from your cleaning products:

  • Cut sponges in half to double the number you have.
  • Use tape to cover about 2/3 of the holes on your container of powdered cleanser, so you have better control over how much you use.
  • Store your dishwashing liquid upside down to use every drop.
  • Spray glass cleaner onto a paper towel instead of onto the window.

Get creative when finding ways to make household items last longer. The more ideas you discover, the less money you’ll spend on soap, shampoo, cleaning products and similar items.