The two biggest names in credit repair, Lexington Law and, are actually owned by the same company, although they offer very different services when it comes to credit repair. Both are legitimate credit repair companies and have years of experience in the credit repair industry, but one offers users more choices while the other has a more user-friendly interface. Which one should you use? Here’s a breakdown of what each service offers:

Lexington Law Credit Repair Review

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Price: Lexington Law has an initial fee of $99.95, plus $10 so they can pull your credit reports. After that, it is $59.95 a month for the basic package, which offers clear credit services including everything that offers, as well as a paralegal that gives you other ways to help raise your credit score and deals with your account. There are upgrades if you want more features: the Concord package, at $79.95/month, and the Concord Premier package, which is $99.95/month.

Features: So the basic package offers what we mentioned above, but the Concord package also offers extra scrutiny when it comes to the FTC regulations that lenders must follow when reporting to the credit bureaus. If they aren’t following those regulations, Lexington Law can request that derogatory information be removed from your report. The Concord Premier package includes that, as well as monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection. You can compare Lexington Law’s extensive services to sites like The Credit People, which offers the basics in credit repair.

Reputation: Lexington Law is a legitimate credit repair company that has been around longer than, and it scores an “A-” with the Better Business Bureau.

Guarantee: Lexington Law’s guarantee relates to the work that they promise to do for you, so make sure you read over your agreement before you sign anything. On the plus side, Lexington Law only charges for the work it has already completed. On the downside, it is not a 100% guarantee. Sign up for Lexington Law here or call (844) 259-3376 to talk to a live person. Review

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Price: The downside to is they only offer one option for pricing, which is $89.95 per month, although they don’t have an initial fee like most other credit repair services. This is more expensive than Lexington Law’s basic package, but comparable to their other packages in both price and features offered.

Features: Along with clear credit services like fixing mistakes on your credit report and good-faith letters to your creditors, you also get monthly credit monitoring, a score tracker and analysis, mobile apps and text and email alerts. has a great interactive interface that helps you track your progress and help increase your credit score.

Reputation: is a legitimate credit repair company with a solid Better Business Bureau rating with an “A-” score. The service is transparent in what they offer and has many year of experience in the credit repair industry. They also have a relationship with TransUnion, one of the credit bureaus.

Guarantee: offers a guarantee if they don’t complete the work that you agreed upon, but does not offer your money back if you are not satisfied. Sign up for here or call (844) 764-9863 to talk to a live person.

What Are Common Lexington Law Firm Complaints?

Lexington Law is the oldest and biggest name in credit repair, so while it gets a lot of good accolades, it also has its share of negative feedback.

Not raising credit score significantly: This is a tricky one for Lexington Law since there really is no guarantee that it can raise your credit score. In fact, it’s illegal for any credit repair company to guarantee a rise in your credit score, according to the Credit Repair Organizations Act, which is part of the Consumer Credit Protection Act. All that Lexington Law can do what it promises to do, including negotiating with your creditors and petitioning to remove items from your report. While Lexington Law will do the work, there is no guarantee that your creditors or the credit bureaus will comply. Still, people tend to get upset when they pay for a service and it doesn’t produce results, which has resulted in many complaints against Lexington Law.

Taking too long: One of the other big complaints about Lexington Law is that it can take too long to improve credit scores. Since Lexington Law charges a fee every month, the longer it takes to repair your credit, the more you will end up paying. Lexington Law advises to not submit too many changes to your credit report at one time as the credit bureaus can see this as trying to game the system, which can be true, although the credit bureaus are not completely clear on if this is common practice or not. Lexington Law has also been accused of dragging out the process of credit repair to charge customers more, which could be true, so it is important for consumers to keep a close watch on their credit repair process and cancel the service if they feel it is taking too long.

Harassment: Lexington Law also acts as a collections agency, so a lot of complaints you see registered against the company have to do with that arm of the business, since no one likes harassing collection calls. Keep in mind that these complaints have nothing to do with the credit repair business, and should be disregarded when you are shopping for a credit repair service.

What Are Common Reviews? is also a big name in credit repair, so customers have a fair number of opinions on’s service. Here are a couple of areas that online reviews usually touch on when talking about

Interface review: is not your father’s credit repair, meaning that it is more in-tune with the next generation of credit users. is one of the most technologically driven credit repair services, with a sleek user-interface that helps you track your credit repair more easily. It also has a great mobile platform that also helps you track your progress. Many other credit repair companies don’t offer these upgrades, which gives the edge when it comes to reviews about user interfaces.

Extras review: also offers extras that some of the more basic credit repair services do not offer. With, you get monthly updates on your credit reports and scores, as well as identity theft protection, which can be a nice perk. Keep in mind that is owned by the same company that owns Lexington Law, so you end up getting some of the same perks with Lexington Law as well. These extra perks, for both companies, usually give them an edge in online reviews of credit repair companies.

Results review: One of the main criteria of credit repair reviews that people look for is whether the services can produce results or not. This is actually really hard to gauge for outside reviewers because every case of credit repair is different, since every credit report is different. Generally, you can look to individual user reviews to get a better idea of how good a credit repair service is at getting results, although, in general, it tends to be a mixed bag for most of the top services.

Overall, Lexington Law provides more choices and a more reliable service than If you want an interactive interface that helps you track your score and is more user friendly, you can try, but we think Lexington Law is the better deal. You can check out here and Lexington Law here.