June 20, 2017
By Jack Ryder

Lexington Law Credit Repair Review

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Lexington Law is the Cadillac of credit repair companies. It offers all the bells and whistles you could need to go along with your credit repair, including credit report monitoring and identity theft protection services. Of course, just like with a Cadillac, those extra come at a price. If you are looking for the most comprehensive service and are willing to pay for it, Lexington Law could be the right fit for you. Here is our full Lexington Law Credit Repair review to give you better idea of how the service works.

Lexington Law Review

Lexington Law website

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  • Free Consultation: You can call Lexington Law at (844) 259-3376 so they can walk you through the steps, or sign up on the website here.
  • Known for: Cadillac of credit repair. With decades of credit repair experience, Lexington Law is known for offering features and services that other credit repair companies cannot match.
  • Price: Lexington Law actually has three different tiers of service, which cost $89.95/month, $109.95/month or $129.95/month, depending on the service you choose. Lexington Law credit repair is a little pricier, but that’s because of the extra level of service it provides. There’s also an initial fee of $99.95, plus $14.99 to pull your credit reports.
  • Features: The first tier of service, Concord Standard, offers the repair fundamentals, including fixing mistakes on your credit report, sending good faith letters to your lenders and looking for legal loopholes to get your credit score back to where it should be. The second tier, Concord Premier, adds a second level of assistance, as well as monthly credit monitoring and a credit score improvement analysis. The third tier, PremierPlus, adds identity fraud alerts and personal finance tools to help you monitor your finances.
  • Low cost alternative: Lexington Law does offer a low-cost credit repair option (Lex OnTrack) for $24.95 per month, which offers a minimum of credit repair features and can can be a good alternative for those who are looking to move the needle on their credit score without spending a lot of money each month. You do need to call Lexington Law to inquire about this option.
  • Reputation: If you want the best service on the books, Lexington Law is your best bet. It has been around longer than most of the other credit repair services, and it scores an “A-” with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Cancellation: Lexington Law’s services are month-to-month, so you can cancel at any time.
  • Guarantee: Lexington Law’s guarantee relates only to the credit help promised to you, so read over your agreement carefully before you sign anything. Here is a full Lexington Law review.
  • Customer service: Lexington Law has a comprehensive customer service network which can be very helpful, including phone, email and chat.

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Lexington Law is the most trusted name in credit repair. It is a service run by actual credit repair lawyers who know the ins and outs of credit repair and the best ways to increase your credit score. It also includes great extras like credit monitoring and identity theft, as well as customer service to keep you up to date on your credit score efforts.

Price: $89.95/month

Guarantee? Lexington Law only charges for the work it has already completed. It is also a month-to-month service, so you can cancel any time. You can check out Lexington Law here or call (844) 259-3376 to talk to a live person.

Lexington Law is very good at on-boarding new customers. It has sales representatives that will take you through the process on the phone to make sure you don’t get lost, although it’s pretty simple. You fill out an application, which a representative can help you with, that includes both personal and financial information about you. Lexington Law will then help you get your three-bureau credit reports and go over them with you to determine the best items to focus on.

What happens next? Well, it depends on which package you choose to buy. Let’s start with the basic plan. Here, you are getting the nuts and bolts of credit repair. Lexington Law will take the items you agreed upon and either negotiate with your lenders, dispute the items, fix any errors or go after any legal loopholes it knows of to help get your negative items removed. This process is repeated every month until you are satisfied.

If you go with the Concord package, you get a boost of legal help in disputing your negative items. Lexington Law will dig a little deeper to find additional loopholes and legal tools that can help get negative items removed from your credit report.

If you choose the Concord Premium package, you get everything mentioned above, as well as credit report monitoring, so you can track your progress, as well as identity theft protection that can monitor any signs that you may have been a victim of identity theft.

For any of the packages, you get a dedicated paralegal who will not only keep track of your account, but also give you advice on how to improve your credit score naturally and tips on how to keep it healthy in the future.

This is probably one of the biggest questions when it comes to credit repair. There are a lot of scams out there when it comes to credit repair, and even the most reputable services can be very sales driven, even if they stay within the legal guidelines.

The good news is there are legal guidelines that credit repair services must follow. According to the government’s Credit Repair Organization Act, there are rules that every credit repair agency has to follow in order to be legit. If your credit repair company doesn’t follow any of these rules, it may be a scam:

  • Credit repair agencies cannot ask for payment upfront without completing the work first. (This does not apply to initial payments to begin the work.)
  • All contracts between you and the credit repair agency must be in writing. If anything is not in writing, don’t believe it.
  • All credit repair agencies need to have an easy cancellation policy. Most legit credit repair agencies have month-to-month contracts because of this rule, so you can cancel any time.

Keep these rules in mind when choosing a credit repair service.

Lexington Law does adhere to all of these guidelines, which is a good start. It has also been around for over 25 years, and in order to stick around in the credit repair world that long, you need to be doing things legitimately and also giving good results to your customers.

Lexington Law reviews are almost always rated at the top of any consumer site’s list of credit repair service, mostly because they offer such a robust toolbox of credit repair options.

Although Lexington Law is one of the most trusted credit repair services available, it still has its share of negative reviews. Common customer complaints usually revolve around Lexington Law being too slow or not raising their score enough. Both complaints are usually more the fault of the way credit repair works than the actual credit repair service.

How credit disputes work: First off, credit bureaus get upset when they are flooded with disputes that they have to verify. If a credit repair companies send 20 disputes at one time, instead of just one or two, the credit bureaus can become overwhelmed and this looks poorly not only on the credit repair site, but also you as a consumer. This is why most reputable credit repair sites try to dispute items one or two at a time. This process seems slow to the consumer, but it gives you more of a chance of having items removed and staying off your report.

Credit score increase guarantee: Second, let’s be clear about this, there is no guarantee when it comes to credit repair. While you can get your money back if you aren’t satisfied in some cases, no reputable credit repair service will guarantee to raise your score because there is no sure-fire way to do that. Everyone’s credit history is different, and in some cases, there is just no quick solution to a bad credit score.

That being said, there are a couple of legitimate negative reviews against Lexington Law. The company can be a little sales-driven, which turns some customers off. The key is knowing what you are looking for and making sure the company is providing that without trying to scam you.

There are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before deciding if Lexington Law Credit Repair is right for you:

  • How much money do I have to spend?
  • Do I need extras like credit report monitoring or identity theft?
  • Is personal attention more important to me than having a larger company handle my account?
  • What am I hoping to get out of this service?

These will help you make a better decision when it comes to choosing the right credit repair company.

If you are willing to spend a little extra money to get quality service, then Lexington Law is a good choice for you. If you are on a budget and just need to basics of credit repair to help you raise your score, you could try a service like SkyBlue Credit Repair.

If things like credit report monitoring or identity theft are something you want included with your credit repair, pick Lexington Law. Adding these on to your credit repair service can often be cheaper than signing up with another credit monitoring or identity theft protection site.

Personal attention is not what Lexington Law is best known for, although you do get your own personal paralegal to help you with things, so that’s definitely a plus. The benefit of Lexington Law as a larger company is that it has more resources to devote to each of its clients, which will hopefully mean better results. If you want a more hands on approach to credit repair, check out our review.

Really, it comes down to what you are hoping to get out of the service. If you are looking to raise your credit score fast, Lexington Laws methodical approach might be too slow for you. If you are looking to breath life back into your credit score and make it healthy again, regardless of time constraints, then Lexington Law is a perfect fit.

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  • I joined Lexington Law Credit repair on the afternoon of July 28, 2017. I asked the two most important questions for me. First, does the item remain removed from the cfar more remairedit boroughs? I was assured that far more remained gone than return back to credit report. Second, I asked if something comes back is it gaurentee, and will be challenged without further compensation? I was told no confirmation for items returnedwithout additional compensation.

    I decided to read the pull the reviews and to see prior customers experiences. I was uncomfortable with so many dissatisfied customers, and unresolved cases, and decided to cancel my account with Lexington.

    I called at 11:35 P.M. and spoke with Debbie in Loyalty bease I wAntes to can cell my account. I asked her if I should follow up by email or text in reference to my cancelation. Debbie said no, she will email me, and asked for me to wait on the phone while she complete the letter. At 11:48 P.M. she informed me that I would receive the email in ten to fifteen minutes. It’s 1:45 A.M.and I still have not received the cancelation email from Debbie, but when I went into the website to copy my upload my credit report, I no longer had assess to it.

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