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August 11, 2017

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LendingTree review: LendingTree uses technology to help you find the best lending solutions for you. It is a unique, welcome approach to consumer lending that has already proven to be very favorable in both the typical consumer experience as well as the broad range of information and usefulness it affords individuals in search of a loan. Here is a good breakdown of how LendingTree works and what to expect when using LendingTree’s services.

LendingTree Review

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  • Best for: Those looking for the most amount of options. LendingTree partners with over 1,500 lenders to give you as many options as possible when you are looking for a loan.
  • Interest rates: Interest rates for loans from LendingTree vary widely because they aggregate offers from third-party lenders, who determine their own rates.
  • Types of Loans: LendingTree offers a wide range of loans to choose from, for any of your lending needs, including mortgages, car loans, personal loans, business loans, credit cards, and student loans.
  • Loan amount: Since LendingTree partners with third-party lenders, the amount of each loan varies depending on what the partner lender offers, but loans typically can range from $1,000 to $100,000.

First and foremost, it is important to note that LendingTree does not lend any actual money itself. Instead, LendingTree serves as an intermediary between several different lenders and the consuming public. In that regard, it’s easiest to think of LendingTree as a broker, researching the lending markets on your behalf to find a solution or group of solutions that fit your needs best.

Types of Loans

Much like the lending markets themselves, LendingTree’s services are broad in range and scope, offering lending solutions to the most popular and demanded forms of loans for the consumer.


Whether you’re in the market for your first home or looking for a mortgage refinance, LendingTree mortgage solutions come from the biggest and most reputable lenders in the industry. Along with different types of mortgages, from traditional to adjustable rate and everything in between, it also has some extremely useful and insightful calculators on their website to help you find how much you can actually afford in a mortgage.

Furthermore, LendingTree also works with niche lenders that specialize in VA, FHA and even reverse mortgages if your circumstances call for such a mortgage product. Given the fact that all of these are available from their convenient, concise platform, researching loan products and lenders has never been easier. The highly integrated nature of the LendingTree refinance and mortgage section of their website is quite impressive and can definitely relieve some of the stress normally associated with mortgage shopping.

Lastly, LendingTree also provides consumers looking to establish an equity loan with a variety of different lenders to choose from. As with all of the different mortgage products, you can view lender ratings and reviews, find current LendingTree interest rates and combine all of the information into one of their many mortgage calculators or even into an online application.

Car Loans

The car loan offerings through LendingTree are extremely similar to those found in their mortgage section. With a variety of different loan types and durations from many lenders, you will find shopping for an auto loan to be easy, convenient and competitive.

Once again integrating research, lender reviews and an intuitive application system, the tedious nature of looking for a car loan that best suits your needs has been reduced to a very simple, straight-forward process. In fact, LendingTree’s services include loans for new cars, used cars as well as a loan refinance for your current automobile.

Credit Cards

Of course, the most common form of consumer loan is through credit card providers and LendingTree’s offerings for such products do not disappoint. On the credit card section of their platform, you can organize the different lenders according to your credit score to significantly reduce the time, effort and patience usually required to find the best credit card for you.

Although they work with most of the biggest names in the industry, LendingTree also provides you access to many regional and niche banks for those that might have difficulty accessing credit or are looking for a more local solution. No matter who you might ultimately choose, all of the same perks and loyalty programs that have become synonymous with modern credit cards are still available through LendingTree. In fact, due to the convenience of their platform, searching for particular perks that might specifically appeal to you is quite easy.

Personal, Business and Student Loans

While mortgages, car loans and credit cards might be the most common forms of loans, they certainly aren’t the only ones. To that point, LendingTree also provides their same wide-ranging services for student, business and personal loans.

Given the fact that these types of loans are often offered by specialized lenders, finding solutions can be extremely time-consuming. By using LendingTree, however, the entire process is streamlined to provide you the most efficient and effective experience possible. Since LendingTree does the legwork for you, all you have to do is look through their selection of prescreened lenders to find the companies that suit your needs best, saving you time and frustration. LendingTree personal loans especially embody this convenience in an often frustrating personal loan marketplace.

Interest Rates

Since LendingTree is an intermediary between the lending markets and you, the interest rates available are extremely competitive and dictated by the market itself. Any and all rate offers or specials that you might find working directly with the lenders are also available through LendingTree, just with many different competing offers to choose from as well.

You will always find the most competitive interest rates throughout their platform, no matter the type of loan you are seeking. Also, since LendingTree rates filter through such a dynamic and agile interface, you have access to changing interest rates in real-time as dictated by the market. Therefore, make sure to continually check the interest rates for the loan products you are interested in as they will change along with the interest rate markets themselves.

If the interest rates you are being offered are too high because of your credit score, check out the top credit repair companies to find one that can help you fix your credit.

Customer Service

Aside from their outstanding range of loan products, LendingTree also flourishes with their award-winning customer service. As a LendingTree customer, you have 24 hour access to their extraordinarily thorough platform that has the answers to most of your most frequent questions.

However, when you require more in depth service or simply prefer to work directly with customer service agents, LendingTree’s customer support is available via toll-free call or email six days a week from morning to extended evening hours. Their highly rated support staff are well-equipped to provide you answers to even the most complicated and in-depth questions on different loan options, an existing loan or any other related matter.

Although LendingTree utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide you convenience and immediacy for you lending needs, they are certainly other similar companies to choose from. However, even with a crowded marketplace, LendingTree stands out from the competition due to their well-rounded, competitive and thorough suite of products.

In other words, what makes LendingTree stand out is their phenomenal combination of product offerings, thorough research, customer service and transparency, all from the convenience of their intuitive, straightforward platform. You would be hard pressed to find another company that excels in so many different categories and customer satisfaction.

A few moments spent looking for an informative, unbiased LendingTree review will show that it echoes the same sentiments as previously mentioned. Even under the strictest of standards, LendingTree truly shines in overall customer experience and satisfaction, particularly for their wide-range of available loan products and lenders as well as their platform’s ease of use.

Convenience and competitive products are the common thread amongst the numerous online LendingTree review sources. Whether you search for impartial reviews based on actual customer experience through the popular consumer affair-oriented organizations or national business bureau ratings systems, you’ll find LendingTree shines as a company that truly has a unique, trustworthy and beneficial service for a customer looking for a loan of nearly any sort.

LendingTree was built and designed for the typical individual, family or small business. If you are like most working people and find you lack the time, patience and resources to exhaustively search online loan sites for loans that are best suited for you, then LendingTree might be just the solution you’re looking for.

By providing you access to a seemingly endless number of different lenders across all the most popular forms of loans, LendingTree is a convenient, competitive and efficient way to achieve some of your financial goals. For people just starting their financial life, LendingTree can be an invaluable source of information and solutions for car loans, student loans and introductory credit cards.

If you are a bit farther along in your finances, perhaps entrenched in a stable career, newly married or have a growing family, LendingTree can be extraordinarily helpful with your mortgage needs, mid-range credit cards and many other lending solutions.

Even if your financial history or needs are more specific, including loans for people rebuilding their credit, small businesses or niche loans, they provide you extensive, thorough access to lenders that specialize in such products, LendingTree personal loans in particular. In other words, no matter your individual needs, LendingTree can significantly expand the lenders to choose from, sort them according to your own specifications and, most importantly, save you the time and frustration usually associated with searching for a loan.

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