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November 20, 2018
By Mary Beth Eastman

Key Shopping Tips to Save on Black Friday & Cyber Monday in 2018

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Everybody loves getting bargains, especially on high-dollar gift items. Black Friday and Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving are famous times to take advantage of big sales on just about everything you can imagine. Below are a few tips that help ensure that you truly are getting bottom-dollar prices on your items.

If you get caught up in the Black Friday or Cyber Monday frenzy and excitement, you may find yourself purchasing a high dollar item just because it’s an insanely low price, rather than because you truly need or desire it. For instance, if you already have a TV in every room necessary, but see one for a ridiculously low price, you may be tempted to purchase it. The reasoning may be because you want to have a ‘spare’ if one of your televisions break. But you need to consider that TVs typically last for several years, and the technology on them improves rapidly. You don’t want to find yourself with a brand new TV — still in the box — that is obsolete by the time you actually need it. Spending money frivolously just because you’re caught up in the emotion of a sale isn’t saving you anything! Avoid holiday overspending and your wallet will thank you.

If you need or want a new electronic gadget, do your research before Black Friday. Read up on all the models that are similar to the one you’ve selected, and decide which features are most important to you. Check several websites to compare the prices. Once you’ve researched the item, you’ll be able to decide whether you’re getting a true bargain during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.

Remember, many stores advertise their online sales a week or two before the advertisements arrive in your mailbox. This research prevents you from running all over town searching for that special item when it’s only on sale at a store or two.

Often, outrageously low sale prices are only available to the first 100 customers in line – or some other number. Many stores have limited quantities and if you aren’t in line really early, you may not be able to obtain the bargain price. Other stores offer ‘doorbuster’ sales and this means that it’s only available at the sale price during certain hours, such as 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. You need to get in line early for these sales also. And remember, sometimes ‘early’ can mean 4 or 5 hours early. This is when you need to consider carefully whether saving a few dollars is really worth your time! Make sure you’re optimizing your time as well as your money this holiday shopping season. And if you are going to use a credit card for your Black Friday or Cyber Monday purchases, be sure you match up your credit card rewards with your purchases for the best value.

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