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November 17, 2017

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When it comes to acquiring great deals on a smorgasbord of unrelated products, the marketplace has you covered. On this website, you can look for discount products AND apply promo codes. As a result,  you to max out your savings.  The site founders set the daily deals using real-time algorithms that tap into the constant flow of market information. Simply heading to the homepage of the site allows you to take a peek at the products selling for the lowest prices each day. From there, you can apply applicable coupon codes to reduce the price further. Using the promo code on the already discounted items allows for deep discounts on a number of products.

Founding Members

The site founders, Nate Faust, Marc Lore and Mike Hanrahan, launched in 2015. The founders  created this site to bring a new pricing scheme to the online shopping world.  Marc Lore started and later sold In 2010 Amazon purchased the company . After this sale, Lore attempted to start a discounted online shopping platform with a membership fee. Think Sam’s Club or Costco via the web. His idea was to rival Amazon, but instead of a prime type membership that offers 2-day shipping, one’s membership would unlock a number of discounted products. 

Growth between 2010 and 2016

Between 2010 and 2015, the site offered a $50 membership fee (the company’s only profit). The idea was to pass along all the savings back to the consumer, in essence breaking even when it came to product cost. However, this fee based system was dropped in October of 2015. Luckily consumers can still save big. continued to provide discounted items, although with a different pricing structure. The company continued to grow and was valued at $1.3 billion in May of 2016. By August of 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported to be in talks with Walmart. Later that month Walmart announced it would acquire for $3.3 billion. Luckily, the deep discounts still exist.

Post Walmart Takeover

Even after the Walmart takeover remained the place for stacking your discounts by loading up your virtual cart with multiple items and purchasing them all at the same time. Items coming from the same distribution center offer the largest discounts. However, multiple deals can be found site wide.

How it Works

To distinguish the company from its main competitor,, the marketplace allows you to follow a new purchase pattern based on each item’s shipping location. As you browse their online offerings, you can strategically plan your purchase decisions by looking at linked products. Simply selecting products that come from the same distribution center, increase your savings.

Deeper Discounts

After filling up your cart, you will have additional opportunities to apply offers and discounts. For example, if you waive your right to free returns, a discount is instantly applied to your order. In turn, reducing your purchase price even more. Furthermore, if you forego the credit card transaction in favor of a debit card, you can acquire an even bigger discount on your order. This is also a great way to fend off debt. Additionally you can save even more by opting out of free returns. Don’t plan on returning those paper towels? Then make sure to opt out of the free shipping.

To acquire all these offers, all you have to do is shop. Jet claims to provide consumers with prices 10% to 15% below the lowest prices online. You can also look for sales and acquire promo code offers to save every time you purchase items posted on the company’s marketplace.

Earn JetCash

Jetcash is a credit earned when shopping on the site. To earn jetcash, simply shop, a percentage of each purchase will come back to you. You can then use your credit towards future purchases. Another way to save big.

Making Shopping Easier

To make your online shopping even easier, has introduced a “My Faves” option. Allowing you to favorite items you order on repeat. This not only saves you time but allows you to see if some of your favorite items are on sale on any given day.

Since the site adjusts prices in real time using a proprietary algorithm, you are set to receive the absolute best prices on the products you want at any given time. The discounts do not end there, however, as you can apply a promo code to your purchase as well. You must pay close attention to additional sales and coupon codes to find the lowest prices before checking out.

You can easily find a valid promo code for every purchase by navigating to the hottest deal websites or simply looking under the “Promotions” section in the site header. The promo codes allow you to save between 15 and 50 percent on your orders. Since the coupon codes typically apply to certain categories of items, you must verify that your cartload of products qualifies for the discount. Many of the coupon codes allow you to apply the discounts to items already placed on sale, which means even deeper discounts.

When launched, the founders established the Jet Anywhere program, which awarded purchases with credits toward future shopping sessions. Unfortunately, that program has ended, but the founders are working on replacing the program with other discount opportunities. For now, the site allows you to get free 2-day shipping on orders over $49 and free returns on most items that do not live up to your expectations. If the product doesn’t qualify for 2-day shipping, shipping tends to be 2-5 days. Have further questions regarding shipping? Customer service will happily help. offers a number of deals, easily accessed by navigating through the site at your leisure. Make sure to search around for coupon codes. Make sure to review’s promotional deals before checking out. And don’t forget, opting out of free returns saves you even more.

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