June 6, 2019

Is It Possible to Repair Your Credit on Your Own?

Written By Mary Beth Eastman
Last updated August 30, 2019

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Repairing your credit takes time, hard work, and discipline. There’s a lot you can do on your own, without calling in a professional. Other times, you will want to hire help. Read on to learn about how to repair your credit on your own — and when it’s best to call for assistance.

Repairing your credit can be hard — but doesn’t have to be. For most people, it involves taking a few basic steps:

Getting your credit report. You have to know where you’re at to know how to improve. Order a copy of your credit report and you’ll see information about what’s contributed to your bad credit — and how to amend it.

Disputing credit report errors. Credit reports aren’t infallible. Maybe you already paid that bill, or — worse — someone’s impersonating you. Disputing errors on your report can be a headache, but can save you serious problems in the long run.

Address past-due accounts. If you have any payments overdue, now’s the time to start paying them. The same goes for accounts that have gone to collections, which can seriously affect your credit.

Start making payments on time. Making payments promptly, going forward, is one of the most basic ways to mend your credit. It takes time, but you’ll see a substantial improvement as you keep doing it.

While you can make good progress on your own, there are definitely times when it’s best to call in a professional credit advisor. For instance:

When you want advice. Some of the more obscure points of fixing your credit — like how much of your credit to utilize, or if you should open or close accounts — can be confusing. Checking with a professional can put your worries to rest.

When you’re so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start. Some people will delay fixing their credit until they’re teetering on the brink of financial disaster. If you’re too paralyzed to know where to start, having a professional on your side can give you a gentle push in the right direction. A reputable credit repair company, like Lexington Law, can help. Here is a look at our best credit repair reviews so you can make an informed choice.

When you’re considering filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a major legal step, and you can’t do it alone. Before you call a lawyer, hiring a credit counselor may be a good first step. They’ll help you understand if bankruptcy is best for you, how to file for it, and what your best alternative may be.

Repairing your credit on your own can be difficult — and sometimes it’s best to call in the big guns. But with discipline and care, you can put yourself on a road to greater financial stability.

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