Identity Guard offers one of the most comprehensive identity theft protection services available today, which makes it a great choice for anyone looking for enhanced protection. You get all the perks of the top identity theft protection services along with a lot of extras that some of the big names don’t offer. Here is our Identity Guard review, which gives a more detailed breakdown of what the service has to offer.


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  • Plans: Identity Guard has separate plans for consumers and for businesses. Identity Guard’s business plans offer only two plans: The Essential Plan and The Total Protection Plan. Businesses can then opt for the Employee Benefits or the Breach Services package once they’ve decided on the right plan for their employees.
  • Features: All consumer plans offer lost wallet protection, a dedicated U.S.-based case manager, an anti-phishing app, the Identity Dashboard, account access via the mobile app, ID vault password protection, identity theft victim assistance. The Total Protection and Platinum consumer plans provide a three-bureau credit monitoring, three-bureau credit analyzer, address change monitoring, credit scores, public record monitoring, PC keyboard encryption software, PC antivirus software and online financial tools.
  • Customer Service: Identity Guard has a U.S.-based customer service office that can be reached online through virtual chat and email or on the phone, while a Privacy Now Members hotline is offered 24/7.
Price Features Guarantee STL Rating
$8.99 to $24.99 per month
(30-day free trial)
Lost wallet protection, anti-phishing app, ID vault password protection,
identity theft victim assistance, credit monitoring,
address change monitoring, credit scores, public record monitoring,
antivirus software and online financial tools
$1 million identity theft
insurance policy
best credit repair

How Does Identity Guard Work?

Identity Guard provides identity theft protection services, including information to educate their members on how to prevent fraud, identity theft and “misrepresentation of information.” They monitor Social Security numbers, financial and public records, as well as credit freezes. Identity Guard also claims to go beyond basic identity protection by securing their customers’ privacy, computer information and personal data, among other information.

They offer three plans to consumers and two for businesses. Their business customers have the option to choose a package such as Employee Benefits and Breach Services at set price points. The consumer plans generally include Monitoring and Alerts, three-bureau credit reports, U.S.-based customer support, dedicated case managers and, of course, the $1 million insurance policy guarantee.

Once consumers enroll, they enjoy 30 days of free service before starting to pay their monthly service fees for their chosen plans. Businesses enroll their employees by purchasing redemption codes depending on the number of employees or families they want enrolled in their chosen plans.

Identity Guard sends alerts and notifications to members once their system, which is powered by IBM Watson, detects any fraudulent activity. It also gives members useful apps and software tools to protect their information on their computers, and to avoid breaches such as password theft and other online fraud.

In the event of an identity theft, account breach or any fraudulent activity, Identity Guard will help their members recover their financial losses through their $1 million insurance policy guarantee. Members get financial help through reimbursements from wage losses for as much as $2,000 weekly for up to five weeks, as well as travel expenses, child care or spousal care, if needed, for up to $2,000.

What Makes Identity Guard Stand Out?

Identity Guard backs its credibility with over two decades of industry experience, almost 50 million customers, and a host of awards and accolades, particularly from the Online Trust Alliance (OTA). It is a product of Intersections, Inc., a BBB accredited company that consistently holds an impressive A+ rating. It leads the industry by using a comprehensive and effective monitoring system in order to protect its members from fraudulent activities involving their personal and commercial information, as well as public records. It has helped many financial institutions by providing monitoring and security services to their businesses and employees.

Identity Guard claims to be the only identity protection company that offers the complete three-bureau credit reports, which are distributed to their members monthly through the Platinum plan. It is also the only company that has established partnerships with the IBM Watson supercomputer to protect its members from identity breaches. On top of that, Identity Guard is the only company in its class that covers each member with a $1 million insurance policy that may be used to cover expenses for stolen assets. They also provide financial assistance for lost wages and travel expenses, including child and spousal care, among other benefits. With regard to educating their members on identity theft and how to protect themselves, Identity Guard offers online resources that members can conveniently access at any given time.

Common Identity Guard Reviews

Pros: Some Identity Guard reviews are positive and highlight how well Identity Guard monitors personal information. This is considered a big plus for many consumers, especially its extensive credit monitoring reports. The vigorous monitoring capability of Identity Guard lets customers prevent identity theft or fraud before it occurs. The mobile alerts also received good reviews from consumers who appreciate receiving notifications and updates through their mobile devices. With regard to insurance, Identity Guard’s $1 million insurance guarantee covers numerous losses, including wages, travel expenses, and child or spousal care, and is an attractive benefit to members. The affordable price points garnered a lot of thumbs up from customers as well, especially the cost-efficient Identity Guard Family Plan. Finally, Identity Guard’s apps and software protection tools are a major plus for those who need to protect their online information. Here is a good comparison of Identity Guard against two other popular identity theft protection service, Lifelock and IdentityForce.

Cons: According to some Identity Guard reviews, the customer service support, as well as the online account set up, are unhelpful and confusing. Others were let down by Identity Guard’s inability to provide extensive and systematic recovery solutions and services. Identity Guard provides advice on how to recover the pieces of your breached identity but most of the leg work will be delegated to you. They do not have a comprehensive process to help members recover their breached identity besides offering guidance from their customer service team.

Is Identity Guard for Me?

If you want peace of mind knowing that your personal or business information is consistently monitored by a reliable system, while also getting regular updates about any suspicious activity, all for an affordable monthly payment starting at $8.99, then a subscription to Identity Guard’s services is for you. For a convenient monthly payment for you and your family, you are backed up by a $1 million insurance policy (the Identity Guard $1 million guarantee). If you’re financially constrained, this may come in handy as you go through the process of recovering from your financial losses. You can leave all the work to Identity Guard so you can go about your daily business without worrying about whether your account is being tampered with or not.

But if you are concerned about Identity Guard’s limited customer service support when it comes to helping you recover your identity, then you may find Identity Guard’s services lacking. The company’s identity recovery services are limited and not as robust as the system that provides monitoring, or its guaranteed $1 million insurance policy for its 50 million members. There are other identity theft and recovery companies that offer better and more comprehensive services when it comes to recovering identity information for their members.

For those who are extremely tech-savvy and organized, and who can diligently take the essential precautions needed to secure their accounts, then an identity protection program subscription may not be necessary.

If you happen to be a part of this superhuman group of DIY experts, you can handle your own security without having to rely on an identity theft guard or company to do the monitoring and the identity restoration for you.

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