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Last updated September 24, 2021

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September 24, 2021

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So, you want to know how to watch Showtime via a cable package or on a streaming device. There are actually a few different options for watching showtime, but this wasn’t always the case. Years ago, streaming services were not as commonplace and widely available as they are today. If you wanted to subscribe to a cable channel, you usually had to pay for a complete cable package. These often included a lot of additional channels that you probably didn’t need.


It wasn’t until cable companies started offering more a la carte options that you could pick and choose a more custom cable channel selection. And, now that streaming services and devices such as Amazon Prime or ROKU TVs are available and affordable, getting the specific channels you want is easier than ever.

Showtime is a premium cable network similar to HBO and Starz. It has been available in America since 1976 and provides original content, movies, and television series. It has remained one of the more popular cable channels for quite some time, which is why many people today want to know how to watch Showtime. Following are the different ways in which you can enjoy this premium cable channel.

Not everyone has switched over to streaming services yet. Many of you also have streaming services in addition to a cable subscription. If you are using a cable service, being able to watch Showtime should be easy. Most cable services include Showtime as part of a higher-tier cable package. These packages typically include several premium cable channels and many other cable channels that you wouldn’t usually receive with basic cable.

Watching With Cable

However, to compete with streaming services, many cable companies also offer additional ways to watch Showtime. Depending on your cable service, you may be able to add Showtime to your basic cable package or another package for a low price. This saves you the cost of purchasing a more expensive, all-encompassing package if you really just want to know how to watch Showtime. Look on your cable provider’s website or call customer service to see what options are available.

If your preference is for streaming apps and devices, you’ll be glad to know there is a Showtime streaming service. The Showtime streaming service costs $9.99 a month and is currently including Paramount+. There is also usually a free trial you can take advantage if you aren’t completely sure if you want the service or not.

Showtime App

The Showtime streaming app is only available in the United States. However, you can still watch Showtime in another country if you use a VPN. Virtual private networks allow you to mask your IP address and select IP addresses that appear to come from other countries. So, technically, you would be fooling the streaming app into thinking you are currently in the United States.

Ways to Download

You can easily download the Showtime streaming app simply by visiting the Showtime website. There, you’ll find that there is also a Showtime Anytime app. This is a streaming app that is free to anyone that already regularly subscribes to the Showtime cable channel.

Amazon Prime is one of the primary streaming services in the United States. One of the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member is that you can stream several cable channels, including Showtime. This is because Amazon has a program in which it partnered with several TV networks and content providers.

Through the Amazon Prime service, you can find and download the Showtime Anytime app, or subscribe to the Showtime streaming channel service.

Roku is another popular streaming service. You can use it by purchasing a Roku device or purchasing a TV that already has Roku built-in. With either option, you simply subscribe to the Showtime streaming service through your Roku device. The Showtime Anytime app is also available through Roku. Remember, though, you still need to be subscribed to the Showtime cable channel to benefit from it.

Lastly, you can watch showtime using the Hulu streaming app. Hulu is a streaming service that allows you to add on several other channels to the basic Hulu package. Showtime is one of these channels.

There are a variety of other apps and streaming utilities available that promise to allow you to watch Showtime (and many other cable channels) for free. You may have heard of some of these services already, such as Kodi or torrenting sites. Use these apps and services at your own risk, since they are typically not authorized.

Not Worth the Risk

Some of them also come with security risks, as hackers can often use the security flaws in the programming to gain access to your devices. You might also unknowingly download malicious files to your device, which can also cause problems. Your cable company or streaming service might also penalize you if you are caught using these unauthorized services.

Showtime is a great subscription option if you want access to a large library of movies and original mini-series. Showtime also offers concerts, comedy shows, and other great performances. And, through the various streaming devices and services, you aren’t limited to watching Showtime only on your television. If you install Amazon Prime Video or Hulu on your mobile devices, you can also view Showtime programming on those as well. You can manage your Showtime streaming subscription via whichever service you are using it on.

Explore Content for Free

For example, you can visit your Amazon Prime video account to see what services you are currently subscribed to. Then you can add or cancel these services. And, because Showtime offers a free trial to new subscribers, you can explore the content risk-free for at least a week. Then, you can decide if you want to keep the channel subscription or if you want to cancel before you start being charged.

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