How to Trade in Your Unused Gift Cards for Cash

Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated January 28, 2021

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April 29, 2016

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An average of $35 million in gift cards is wasted every year from people who don’t use them. That is why there is a huge business around selling gift cards for cash.

Do you have unused gift cards laying around that you want to sell? Keep in mind that most of the web sites that offer cash for gift cards do not pay out the entire balance of the card. They keep a commission for selling the card and they also usually sell these cards at a discount. However, they are usually very easy to navigate and accept almost any gift card under the sun. Not sure which site to choose? We’ve taken an in-depth look at some of the top names in the cash for gift card business and given you a quick breakdown.

Overview: This is the most well-regarded and popular cash for card program. Plastic Jungle is also the only site that offers a 100% guarantee that your gift card will sell.

Commission and fees: Plastic Jungle offers a great commission price for selling your unused gift cards. They usually sell your gift card at a discount, but based on the sale price, they only take a 10% commission on the sale. They have no extra fees or hidden costs that come along with their services.

Cards accepted: Plastic Jungle has the widest range of cards that they accept, from Target to Dairy Queen.

Overview: Cardpool has one of the easiest and simplest ways to buy and sell gift cards, and has a standard high commission. They also have a bulk card service that lets you sell multiple cards at one time, which will earn you more money and get you cash quicker.

Commission and fees: Cardpool offers up to 92% cash back on your gift card. They also don’t charge any fees for selling your gift cards.

Cards accepted: The site accepts everything from Four Seasons to Fuddruckers, with one of the largest selections of gift cards accepted.

Overview: This service is the best for anyone who has an gift card, because they can trade it in for the entire balance of the gift card. They also have no minimum or maximum on card balances like many of the other cash for gift card sites.

Commission and fees: CardCash takes about a 10% commission on your gift cards, unless you are getting paid in an Amazon gift card, in which case the commission decreases and you get paid more, depending on the value of the gift card. There are no extra fees or hidden costs.

Cards accepted: CardCash seems to specialize in Amazon gift cards, but they accept every retailer from Marshall’s to Pollo Loco.

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Overview: Raise makes selling gift cards easy, although they don’t have as good an exchange rate as some other sites.

Commission and fees: Raise has the highest sellers fee, giving you just 85% of the value of your card, and they do charge $1 if you have to mail them a physical card. Any electronic gift cards are free to sell.

Cards accepted: They accept many of the same sellers as other cash for gift card sites, including everything from Tadich Grill to Garmin.

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  • Plastic Jungle no longer buys and sells gift cards 🙁

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