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March 18, 2019
By Mary Beth Eastman

How to Save Money on Technology: 4 Ways that Work

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Phones, tablets and computers can streamline our lives and enhance our entertainment — but they can be downright expensive, too. That’s why it’s important to trim technology costs where you can.

What are a few ways to save money on technology? These four tips are easy and efficient. Try them before you buy!

Not only do you save money on an older model, but you may even get a discount. When there are new models coming in, shops have to clear the leftover items. Many older models go on sale, so they end up being even cheaper than their original retail price. Try to stack a coupon, too. 

The first price you see when you google an item may not always be the best one. Before putting down money for anything, do your research. Find out which reseller websites have the exact same model, or who is having a season sale. You can come up with some pretty sweet deals.

When buying tech gadgets, refurbished ones will always be cheaper. And since the majority will have gone through the standard inspections, you can trust that their quality is just as good. To be safe, always verify this by only buying refurbished items with the “factory certified” label.

Traveling in Europe? The same item will cost you twice as much in Switzerland than it will across the border in Germany or Italy. Look for the best deals wherever you are, and that includes the country where you are buying them. Remember, when it comes to tech gadgets, a lot of items are made in Asia, then resold in Europe or the United States. If you have a friend going to Asia, why not ask them to pick up the computer parts for you? Or, at least they can let you know about the retail price there, so you can compare.

There is always the temptation to keep up with the latest gadgets, continually upgrade what you have, or buy something just because it’s trending. With technology, however, be wise with your saving as much as with spending.

Bonus last tip: Always read the reviews, watch video reviews — even the unboxing sessions can be informative. You might even have the chance to score discount codes on particular things.

Those who have purchased the items before can give you insights on whether that tech item really is worth your hard earned money.

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