How to Make a Living Being an Uber Driver

Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated November 11, 2017

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November 4, 2015

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Finding a lucrative job to help you pay the bills each month is hard for many without a strong skill set. Thankfully, in lots of major cities across America, people are finding a well-paying job that provides them with the freedom to work whenever they want, and all that is required is a car in good condition, a driver’s license and a clean record.

You may have already heard of Uber, the driving service that many people are using as a cheaper alternative to taxis. But have you ever considered driving for Uber? You can make a decent living as an Uber driver, or you can use it as a second job to supplement your income.

Customers who need a ride use an app to send pickup and destination directions to Uber drivers in the area. Payments are made automatically using a credit card via the app, and tipping is included in the fare.

You need a smartphone, so you can use the Uber app, and a four-door car that’s in good, clean condition. Uber requires a criminal background check and, possibly, a car inspection. You also need auto insurance, but Uber provides liability insurance while you are transporting passengers. You can go to the Uber website to learn more about the application process.

One of the best things about Uber is that you can decide when you want to work and when you don’t. If you want to earn a decent amount of cash each week, you need to work a significant number of hours, and you need to position yourself in areas where you are constantly picking up passengers. It also helps to learn the best times to be in the best areas rather than wasting your time waiting for passengers during off-peak hours. Good areas to check out include:

  • Airports: You may find a lot of competition at airports from taxicabs and other Uber drivers, but with a steady flow of potential customers, it’s a great spot to work.
  • Areas with lots of nightlife: Evenings and weekends can be quite lucrative for Uber drivers if they position themselves in areas where there’s a lot of nightlife.
  • Concert venues: With so many people in the area, you’re sure to get a few passengers.

It may take a while to learn the best times and areas, but once you do, you should be able to earn a decent living as an Uber driver.

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