How to Get Upgraded in Vegas for Your Bachelorette Party

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Last updated January 28, 2021

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A bachelorette party in Las Vegas is always a good time, however a weekend in Sin City can be disastrous for your bank account. Between the brand-new sequin shorts and fuchsia stilettos (that you’ll never wear again), to the cost of the hotel room, a girl has to be smart with how she spends her Vegas money.

More often than not, a group of six to eight girls will squeeze into a tiny, two doubles bedroom with clothes strewn everywhere and a battle for bathroom space, and their Vegas pad starts to look more like a frat house. Unfortunately, during the peak Vegas weekends, the cost of a standard suite will run you upwards of $700. Quite frankly I’d rather spend my money on champagne. So what’s a girl to do?

I recently helped host a bachelorette party in Vegas during a peak summer weekend. Thanks to a little quick thinking, we were upgraded from a standard room to a one bedroom suite with a view of the strip for a mere $40. Something as simple as tipping your front desk agent will get you into a fabulous space.

Place your tip between your license and credit card, essentially making a sandwich. Your cash is the meat, and your license and credit card serve as the bread. It is important to hide the money between the cards due to multiple cameras watching the front desk. Slide your cards to your front desk agent, smile sweetly and ask if there are any upgrades available. We asked “What do you think would be the best room for our bachelorette party? Are there any upgrades available? “ Our front desk agent pocketed our tip, ran our credit card, and upgraded us within seconds.

The room we initially booked cost around $350 a night, but for an additional $40 we were in a suite that was $1,000 plus a night. Score!

It never hurts to ask: If you don’t have $40 to slip the desk agent, it never hurts to just ask for an upgrade. If hotels have a bunch of rooms open and can easily upgrade you, they may offer you an upgrade and a reduced price or for a nominal fee. Or they may even just give you the upgrade to entice you to stay at the hotel next time you visit Vegas. Either way, it never hurts to at least ask if upgrades are available.

Weekdays > Weekends: Asking for an upgrade on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday may be difficult because hotels are usually more heavily booked, meaning there is less of a chance for an upgrade. If you are really hoping for an upgrade, try checking in on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, when hotel occupancy is low and the desk agent might be more inclined to grant your upgrade request.

Make friends with the desk agent: Go beyond being friendly. Strike up a conversation with the desk agent. Ask them how busy their day has been (which can also give you a clue on whether the hotel is full or not, a good indicator of if an upgrade will be easy or not.) If the desk agent takes a liking to you, you have a better chance of getting that upgrade you asked for.

There is no golden rule when it comes to which hotels will give you an upgrade, although there are a few things to keep in mind. The newer, fancy hotels like the Wynn generally don’t accept the credit card trick for upgrades, but that doesn’t mean upgrades are impossible. Older hotels that are looking to fill their rooms often are more likely to upgrade you. Here are a few suggestions of places to stay:

The Venetian: This is one of the nicest hotels in Vegas, and every room in the hotel is a suite with living room and couches, which makes it perfect for bachelorette parties. It also includes a beach-type club pool, TAO Beach, which is host to some of the hottest parties in Vegas. This is the perfect place for a memorable bachelorette party.

Bally’s: One of the older hotels in Vegas, Bally’s is a mainstay on the strip but is often overlooked when people are shopping for hotels in Vegas. They also have great deals on rooms, even if they can’t upgrade you.

Paris: While not one of the oldest hotels in Vegas, it opened in 1999, making it older than hotels like the Wynn, Cosmopolitan and Venetian. It also includes some of the most popular restaurants on the strip, as well as the replica of the Eiffel Tower.

Rio: The Rio is an off-strip hotel, making it not as popular as many of the hotels located right on the strip, which also means they are often looking to fill their rooms.

Planet Hollywood: The nicest and newest hotel of the bunch, it is also one of the biggest, meaning more rooms to fill. Planet Hollywood also has the largest indoor shopping center of any other hotel on the strip, which could be great for your bachelorette party.

The Cosmopolitan:This is a great hotel if you are looking for a more urban vibe, rooms are modern and stylish but on the smaller side. The bars are restaurants are attract a young/hop crowd.

And always remember, tipping works. Viva Las Vegas!

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  • Hi Liz- For this particular trip we were able to upgrade at The Cosmopolitan. Enjoy Vegas!

  • What hotel did you stayed in that you got the upgrade?

  • Great tips!

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