How To Get a Free Credit Score Without Being Scammed

Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated December 4, 2019

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July 22, 2015

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Reader Question: I want to get a free credit score without getting scammed with fine print and having to pay if I don’t cancel. How can I get that?

Answer: Yes, trying to get a free credit score can be frustrating. A lot of companies that say they offer free credit scores don’t tell you that they are going to start charging your credit card after the first month, and some can even nail you with fine print that requires you to pay, even if they weren’t upfront about the costs when you signed up. So is there a way to get a true free credit score? Yes, although it’s not easy. There are not many companies that can offer you a straight-up free credit score, but we’ve put together a list of companies that offer truly free credit scores:

This is the best service I’ve seen when it comes to free credit scores. You can add some of your basic information, including your Social Security number, but you don’t have to give them any credit card information, which means there is no fear of you being charged without your knowledge. Also, for being a free service, Credit Sesame gives you a ton of great features, like a graph that shows you how you are doing when it comes to your credit score, your debt and how much you might be overpaying in interest and fees. If you want your full credit report, you can purchase it for $9, which is a nice feature to have. Overall, it’s one of the best free credit score services that offers the most features for, well, nothing.

Every person with a social security number can get all three of their credit reports for free once every year by going to The only downside to this is that they do not include your credit score. However, these are the most accurate reports you can get your hands on, since they are issued by the government. If you want to check out your free credit reports, go to here.

If you think your credit score needs some work and you want to get a free score while also fixing your credit, you can look into a credit repair company. These companies will offer your updates of your credit score while they also contest negative items on your credit report in order to raise your credit score. These services are obviously not free, but the credit score updates that come along with them are included. Check out these credit repair reviews to see if a credit repair program is right for you.

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  • I suppose that all these tips are definitely useful for everyone. I have never faced situations when it was something wrong with my credit card. I got free credit reports every year and checked everything there, till the last number.

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