How to Do a Luxury-for-Less Vegas Trip

Written By Jeff Hindenach
Last updated December 24, 2018

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November 29, 2018

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Looking to head to Vegas but don’t want to clear out your checking account to go? Here are some options on how to save on your luxury trip to Vegas.

Pick a casino and stick to it. This may seem counterintuitive to all the sights that Vegas has to offer, but using a player’s club at one casino can end up getting you major discounts and even free rooms.

You have several options when picking a players club. A good option is to pick one of the major player’s clubs from companies that own multiple hotels, the biggest of which is MGM, which owns some of the most popular hotels, including the Bellagio and MGM Grand.

The best player’s club that I found is at the Venetian and Palazzo. Even though the player’s club is only good for those hotels, since the hotels are so big, they are more inclined to give out free rooms in order for you to stay and play at their hotel.

As Vegas continues to grow, so does the amount of entertainment in the show capital of the world. This makes it so much easier to find a good show for a good price in Vegas.

If you are looking for a show that doesn’t cost more than a nights stay at your hotel, check out some of the Vegas deal sites to get discounted tickets. One of the best is, which not only shows deals for different shows, but discounts on rooms and clubs as well.

If you can find anything online that you like, head to the Strip. There are several kiosks along the Strip that specialize in offering discount show tickets. The people at the kiosks will be happy to help, as well as give you insights into which shows are the best.

Vegas boasts some of the best restaurants in the country, but they can cost a pretty penny. So how do you find a great meal that won’t break the bank? Look past the high-class eateries and find the diamonds in the rough.

Most casinos on the Strip offer affordable options for people who want good food but can’t afford a pricey meal. The buffet that most casinos offer can be a great option. A lot of casinos also have food courts that have everything from Japanese food truck pop-ups to tapas restaurants at The Venetian.

The best thing to do to save some money on food is to head off-Strip. Places like Durango Taco Shop and Peng Zu Asian Cuisine are popular haunts for people visiting Vegas who like to eat off the Strip. Downtown Vegas, which offers great old-school charm, also has a plethora of options from a great steak dinner to traditional Detroit Coney Dogs.

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