How Much Does Credit Repair Cost?

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Last updated September 24, 2021

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Credit Repair
September 23, 2021

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Reader question: I want to improve my credit score. How much does a credit repair service cost?

Answer: The cost of credit repair depends on what service you are looking at and what kind of features you want. Although most of the best credit repair services charge around the same price for standard services, many offer extras, which can raise the price. Here is a quick breakdown of credit repair cost for different credit repair companies and the prices you may pay.

The 7 Best Credit Repair Companies

RankCredit Repair ServiceBest ForMonthly FeeExpert Rating
1Lexington Law Credit RepairOverall Service$89.95★★★★★
2CreditRepair.comExtra Features$99.95★★★★★
3Sky Blue Credit RepairAffordability$79★★★★★
4The Credit Pros Comprehensive Services$69★★★★
5Credit SaintTransparency$79.99★★★★
6The Credit PeopleTrial Run$79★★★★
7Pyramid Credit RepairNo Initial Fee$99★★★

The monthly cost for credit repair services is generally in the same area. The big difference is what each company offers for the price. Here’s a breakdown of how much each service costs and what services they provide.

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Contact: (888) 534-1510

One of the best and cheapest services is Sky Blue Credit Repair, which charges only $79/month. What does $79 get you? Simple credit repair without all the bells and whistles. Sky Blue will contest negative items on your credit reports to get them removed, while also coaching you on how to improve your credit and the best strategy for raising your credit score. It doesn’t, however, offer extras like credit report monitoring, identity theft, so if you are looking for a company to provide those, a company like Lexington Law might be a better choice. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Sky Blue and Lexington Law.

Lexington Law

Contact: (844) 259-3376

If you don’t mind spending a little more money for experience and extra features than Lexington Law might be a good choice for you. Lexington Law offers three tiers of service:

  • Concord Standard ($89.95) offers the basics of credit repair, which includes contesting negative items on your credit report and sending good faith letters to lenders.
  • Concord Premier ($109.95) adds another layer of negative item contests as well as credit monitoring and a credit score improvement analysis.
  • PremierPlus ($129.95) includes all of the above as well as identity fraud alerts and personal finance tools to help you monitor your finances.

Credit Saint

Contact: (855) 559-5762

Credit Saint offers the best of the other two companies; affordability combined with tiered options. Here are the three tiers that Credit Saint offers:

  • Credit Polish ($79.99) offers the basics including disputing late payments, identity thefts, charge offs and any collections you may have on your credit reports.
  • Credit Remodel ($99.99) includes the above as well as contesting for bankruptcies and repossessions.
  • Clean Slate ($119.99) not only includes everything from the first two tiers, but goes about those items in a more aggressive fashion. It also includes contesting any judgements that you may have on your credit reports.

Contact: (844) 764-9863, much like Sky Blue, only offers one tier of service, but it is a more advanced tier, with extras like identity theft protection and monthly credit report monitoring. At $99.95, it is more expensive than Sky Blue, but it does include those extras.

The Credit People

Contact: (866) 323-0104  |

The Credit People also offers only one tier of service, but there are a few ways that you can pay for it. It offers a monthly service for $79 a month, like its competitors, or you can pay 6 months upfront for a discounted price of $419. Check out our review of The Credit People to learn more about what the service offers and how to get the discounted price.

Pyramid Credit Repair

Contact: (866) 634-9255

Pyramid is a fairly new option for credit repair, and it has some cool features, but it also only offers one tier for service, and it’s a little pricier at $99 per month. While you may not get features like identity theft protection, Pyramid does offer a dedicated account manager for you, as well as in-house lawyers who are experienced with credit repair laws.

Most credit repair services charge an initial fee to get things started. This is kind of a fee to say that you are serious before they start work on your account and to get the initial work on going over your credit report started.

Sky Blue Credit Repair: Sky Blue charges the same as its monthly fee, $79

Lexington Law: Lexington Law charges $99.95 for all three tiers of service. You also have to pay $14.99 to pull your credit reports.

Credit Saint: Its initial fee is $99 for the first two tiers of service, and $195 for Clean Slate. There is no initial fee with, but you do have to pay a $14.99 charge to pull your credit report.

The Credit People: The Credit People’s initial fee is actually a 7-day trial for $19, which seems like a good way to try out the service, but there isn’t much a credit repair service can do in seven days.

Pyramid Credit Repair: Pyramid does not charge an initial fee.

Many credit repair services offer a couples discount, which can save you money if you and a partner are both looking to raise your credit score. Here is what each service offers:

Sky Blue Credit Repair: It offers the biggest couples discount at 50%. (One person pays full price and the other only pays half.)

Lexington Law: With Lexington Law, you only have to pay $50 for your partner, but only for the first month.

Credit Saint: Credit Saint does not seem to offer a couples discount. offers $50 for both parties, as well as a $50 discount for servicemen. Both discounts are only for the first month of service.

The Credit People: When you and a partner sign up, you will each get $20 off your first payment.

Pyramid Credit Repair: Pyramid does offer a couples package, but it isn’t discounted.

Some credit repair services charge extra for features such as credit monitoring and identity theft protection. These are built into the price of the second tier of pricing. Sky Blue Credit Repair only offers the basics of credit repair, which is all you really need if all you want is to raise your credit score. If you want a few more options when it comes to credit repair, Credit Saint offers a lower price ($79.99) with a few more options than Sky Blue has.

One thing to factor in when calculating the cost of credit repair is how long the credit repair service is going to take to complete the work. Within what the credit repair services are able to do, your credit score can only be raised so much. Some credit repair services will continue to try and raise your score, which means that you will need to continue to pay. The best way to save on credit repair is to figure out the best ways to raise your score based on your credit report, have the credit repair service explore those options, and then cut them off once those options are explored. Don’t keep paying for a credit repair service that isn’t going to raise your score any more.

A good thing to look for is a guarantee. Most services offer a guarantee that they will complete the work that you agreed upon. This doesn’t mean they guarantee to raise your credit score. It just guarantees that they’ll put in the work. If they don’t, you can request your money back.

Sky Blue Credit Repair: It actually offers a guarantee that if you are not happy with your service in any way, they will give you a 100% refund within 90 days of signing up. We haven’t tested to see if they follow through on that guarantee, but considering they don’t have any complaints from the BBB, it’s probably a safe bet that they stay true to their word.

Lexington Law: The company doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee, but lets you cancel your service at any time.

Credit Saint: Credit Saint offers a money-back guarantee if it does not raise your credit score within the first 90 days. Same as Lexington Law, it does not offer a money-back guarantee but you can cancel at any time.

The Credit People: The Credit People does offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Pyramid: Pyramid Credit Repair offers a 90-day, 100%-money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

The credit repair companies that we recommend are all legitimate, but there are many credit repair scams out there to watch for. Here are some ways to spot a credit repair scam:

  • Making promises: Any credit repair company that promises to raise your score is probably a scam. Government laws prevent credit repair companies from promising anything upfront.
  • Paying in advance: If you have to pay for the service in advance, that’s a good sign it’s a scam. Laws also prevent companies from collecting fees before they do anything. Credit repair costs are often collected monthly, not all up front.
  • Customer service: If you never talk to an actual person, this could be a scam. Make sure you actually are able to talk to someone about the best approach for your credit repair.

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