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Last updated November 15, 2017

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Money Saving Tips
November 15, 2017

Simple. Thrifty. Living. was one of the first websites that let consumers compare hotel accommodation rates and book rooms directly through the internet. The company also allows travelers to book accommodations by phone. opened in 1991, at a time when several companies were trying to find ways to make money from internet technology. Most of those companies failed or were acquired by larger corporations. remained independent until 2001, when USA Networks Inc. acquired the business.

Most travel websites offer a variety of products and services, such as flight reservations and car rentals. takes a different approach by focusing on hotel rooms. This approach makes it possible for to offer customers accurate information and reliable services by concentrating on a niche service, .

If you want to schedule other travel services, you can use other websites in the family, such as Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity. released a mobile app in 2011 for the iPad, but quickly expanded the app’s technology so it could operate on iPhones and Android devices.

Adding the app to your mobile device makes it easier to manage your itinerary while you’re traveling. Since people usually take their mobile devices with them while traveling, the app offers extra convenience to consumers that they can’t get from the website. exists to help travelers find affordable hotel accommodations, so it’s not surprising to find that the company offers a variety of money-saving programs, including promo codes and coupons. launched a loyalty program in 2008 to help retain more customers. When you use to book one hotel room, you get the opportunity to save on the next room that you reserve.

The loyalty program doesn’t use coupons, but it has a similar effect. Instead of giving you a coupon, you automatically get a discounted price on your next reservation.

Before booking a room through, you should use a search engine to explore third-party sites that offer discount codes. You will find that many of the coupon codes appear on popular websites like:

  • RetailMeNot
  • Groupon

Many of these sites have coupon codes throughout the year, although you may see more discount opportunities around holidays, when larger numbers of people travel.

When you find a promo code that works for your needs, note where you found the coupon. You may find similar hotel coupons there in the future. Eventually, you may come to rely on a handful of sites that consistently give you excellent coupon codes.

Even if you discover that one or two third-party sites have coupon codes that usually apply to your travel needs, you should still use a popular search engine like Google to find other opportunities. Websites change frequently, so there is a good chance that searching the internet will reveal codes that you won’t find on your favorite sites.

Using the internet to book your travel accommodations can help you save of money, and focuses on giving you accurate, immediate information about hotel rooms. Before you schedule your next trip, be sure to look for discount codes that will help you save even more money on your hotel room.

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