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October 6, 2017
By Mary Beth Eastman

Homecoming on a Budget: 4 Easy Ways to Save

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With homecoming season here, students may find themselves pinching pennies and working extra hours to squirrel away funds from the big night. With the right approach, however, you do not have to deplete your bank account to make a statement. Instead, you can utilize these four smart money-saving tips to keep your special night within budget without compromising on fun and style.

Looking for a dress? Networking with friends, family and community members can help you score the perfect homecoming dress, shoes and accessories without spending a dime. Ask around your friend group first to see if your similarly-sized classmates have the dress of your dreams already sitting in your closet. If that does not pan out, you can utilize local social media groups to request to borrow your ideal dress, shoes and accessories.

Although taking a limo to homecoming is the ultimate in extravagance, you can save a ton of cash by electing to reserve an upscale car through your favorite ridesharing app. Most ridesharing services today offer the chance to select a luxury car or SUV to arrive on location in style. Make sure to schedule your ride in advance to avoid the rush as your classmates try to steal your budget-friendly transportation idea.

Take advantage of the pro-grade camera equipment in modern smartphones by skipping the expensive pictures in favor of photography trade-offs with your friends. Choose a fun location to take before and after photos with your dates using each other’s cameras in your phones. Text each other throughout the night to capture incredible moments on the dance floor to preserve the memories you savor the most.

Forget the after-party and host your own low-key dinner party to wow your date and celebrate the night with your friends. By having dinner at home, you can save a ton of money, as long as you have everyone pitch in for ingredients. Enlist the help of your family members as the chef and wait staff to continue enjoying your night like royalty while saving a pretty penny on the festivities.

By utilizing these tips to keep your homecoming night well within budget, you can remain carefree well after the festivities end. As you gaze at your healthy bank account after the event, give yourself a pat on the back for your exceptional money-saving abilities.

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