What do you get for the discerning designer whose life is dedicated to tracking and setting trends? From cute to classy and fun to functional, we’ll show you the latest must-haves on every designer’s wish list. Some items may even wind up on your own!

1. Color Wheel Umbrella

On a gloomy gray day, this color spectrum spectacle stands out amongst the sea of black umbrellas. Comprised of 24 panels each representing a shade on the color wheel, the oversized umbrella can keep outfits dry and spirits high. You can pick up a color wheel umbrella here.

2. Sephora + Pantone Universe Modern Watercolors Eyes Palette

Sephora and Pantone have partnered to create the Modern Watercolors Eyes Palette, containing 24 matte and shimmer eye shadows in pastel shades to mix and match for stunning graphic looks. You can pick up the whole Sephora + Pantone Universe collection here.

3. Criterion Designs

Fans of film and design will delight in this coffee table book filled with designs commissioned by Criterion Collection. Spanning the Criterion’s history from 1984–2014, the book features covers and concept artwork from art luminaries including Jillian Tamaki, Daniel Clowes and Maurice Vellekoop. You can pick up the book here.

4. Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters

These decorative typographic cookie cutters will make an impression on this season’s cookie swap. Bakers can use the full alphabet to create personalized monogram cookies or spell out a tasty special message. You can pick up letter pressed cookie cutters here.

5. Helvetica “Light, Regular, Bold, Black” Coffee Mug

Designers like their coffee how they like their typography — served hot with a stylish two-tone mug. You can pick up the mug here.

6. Taschen Mid-Century Ads

Famous for its lush coffee table books dedicated to all things design, Taschen offers this time capsule of American 20th-century fashion, product design and technology featuring advertisements from magazines in the 1950s and 60s. You can pick up the book here.

7. USB Toast Handwarmers

Warm hands and hearts with this set of adorable plush USB hand warmers. These toasty twins are ideal for boosting productivity and body temperature in chilly offices. You can pick up the handwarmers here.

8. Pantone Universe Globe Ornament

Ditch the kitsch and deck the halls with these bold Pantone bulb ornaments. This glass globe transformation of the classic Pantone color chip will give traditional holiday decor trendy designer flair.

9. Ugmonk Black Series Tee Set

One can never have too many black t-shirts, especially if they’re as cool as the bold-yet-subtle designs in this four-tee set.

10. Moleskine Smart Notebook, Creative Cloud

Old school designers will love this new twist on the classic Moleskine sketch book. With the Creative Cloud-connected Moleskine app — users can instantly transfer hand-drawn sketches directly from the notebook into workable digital files for Adobe Photoshop CC or Adobe Illustrator CC. You can pick up the Moleskine Smart Notebook here.